Don't fear the Reaper.

Impressions is a 2-part Amy Rose story which began in Issue 226 of Sonic the Comic Online.



When visiting Johnny Lightfoot's grave, Amy is horrified when Johnny's corpse bursts out of the ground and attacks her. She is revealed to be having a nightmare, and as she awakens, a very much alive Johnny bursts in having heard screams. Amy refuses to accept that Johnny's alive, having seen him die, but is quickly calmed down. Once Amy has dressed, the two take a walk and Amy talks at length about the battle with Chaos. As Amy recovers, her back to Johnny, he suddenly transforms into the rotting corpse from her nightmare, now wielding a scythe, and takes a swing at her.

Amy retreats, with the zombified Johnny in pursuit, pondering how this has happened before in her nightmares. Once home, Amy, certain that the monster isn't Johnny, retrieves her crossbow, but is swiftly ambushed. The zombie Johnny reveals himself to be a creature who feeds on Amy's nightmares and has every intention of killing her. Before Amy can get out the door, the creature hurls her out of the window, and she soon finds herself back at Johnny's grave, where the creature is waiting. Amy's shots are unable to harm the creature, only serving to damage Johnny's gravestone. However, Amy's fear is ebbing, the hedgehog having realised that the creature only has power as long as she is afraid. As the creature fades, he remarks that Amy is merely covering her fear with bravado and jokes, hinting that he could always return, which Amy defies.


  • Amy's flashback includes Sonic's meeting with Tikal and the other echidnas, despite Amy not having seen this.
  • The final panel of Part 1 sees the creature rip into Amy's clothes, although she appears to have avoided any damage in Part 2.
  • Amy is shown to live in a house, although it resembles the Control Centre.


The previous Amy Rose story was Amy vs Tekno. The next story is Chasing Amy.

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