Art by Carl Flint and John M Burns.

The Ice Cap Zone (or Icecap Zone) is a frozen Zone on the Floating Island. The entire region is covered in snow and ice, leaving very little scenery and miles of cold ground.


Knuckles the Echidna was first seen to visit the Ice Cap Zone (gaining access through a Zoom Tube) when something crashed there from space. He discovered it to be Doctor Robotnik in his Death Egg, who tricked Knuckles into believing Sonic the Hedgehog was after the echidna's Chaos Emeralds. Knuckles later returned after Robotnik's betrayal, keen to destroy the Penguinators and Star Pointers still remaining there. Sonic the Hedgehog joined him and the two tracked down Robotnik in his Eggloo, disposing of Inter-Zone Technology that was sending Badniks down to the Hill Top Zone.

One Christmas, Knuckles allowed Sonic, Amy Rose and Johnny Lightfoot up to the Ice Cap Zone to relax for the day. Amy took the opportunity to throw snowballs at Sonic, but hit Johnny instead. When Amy attempted a kiss with Sonic under the mistletoe, Sonic quickly started a race with Knuckles and Johnny that took them across the Zone. Amy was then forced to face the Snownik, a dim-witted robot armed with ice jets in its hands. Amy managed to trick the Badnik into sliding straight off the cliff.

A couple of years later, Tails visited the Zone to wish Knuckles a happy New Year, but found himself hit by an avalanche. Knuckles managed to rescue Tails and dug out Tails' Bi-plane so that the two could retreat to the Mushroom Hill Zone. In reality, it was Sonic that had whipped up the disaster to test Knuckles' skill as a guardian.

The Zone made a final print appearance when Sonic lured Splitzoid to the remote location. Sprinting into a cave, Sonic managed to get the chasing android stuck in an Ice Jet, instantly destroying all copies of it at the same time. For some reason, this story was set to take place on Mobius, not the Floating Island. It briefly returned in Sonic the Comic Online when the island was raised from the ocean, with Big the Cat and Buddy stuck in the Zone after previously being sailing on the Emerald Ocean.


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