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In Sonic the Comic Online, "Iblis" is the name given to Super Sonic in the future by Silver the Hedgehog and his allies. How Super came to be known by this name is unexplained at this point.


At some point in Mobius' future, Super Sonic became an even more uncontrollable entity and much more powerful then ever before. He was either separate from Sonic the Hedgehog once again or was completely consumed by the Chaos Energy within him. For years, Super, now known to the world as "Iblis", terrorized the entire planet and destroyed many habitats. One of his last known acts was to attack the Emerald Hill Zone, sensing the presence of the last remaining Chaos Emeralds. In his haste, he killed many of G.U.N.'s soldiers and even obliterated an aged Knuckles the Echidna. G.U.N. agent Silver used Dr. Gerald's time machine to visit the past and stop the "Iblis" monster ever coming to be.


  • In the real world, Iblis is the Islamic name for the King of Devils.


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