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Hyper Sonic (called Sonic by Amy ) is a powered-up form of Sonic the Hedgehog, much like Super Sonic . Unlike the latter, Hyper Sonic retains his original persona, due to harnessing the pure side of Chaos Energy.


Hyper Sonic first appears in The Battle for Drak, when Sonic leaps into the Chaos Spire's beam. The pure Chaos energy contained in the beam turned Sonic into Hyper Sonic without affecting his personnality. Sonic immediately leaps into a technicolour rampage, destroying all the Drakon transports. Shorty hypothesises on his new name but Amy interrupts him and replies it is still Sonic, just enhanced by the Chaos energy. However, before Hyper Sonic could do anymore damage, Robotnik destroys all of the Spire technology thanks to a virus he installed months ago in the Drakon systems and the three ruling leaders of the Drakon Empire are cornered by the resistance. After the Drakon's defeat, Hyper Sonic connects the Miracle Planet back to Mobius and tows Drak home.


Not much have been seen of Hyper Sonic's abillities, but he is much faster than his blue counterpart and can destroy Drakon transports with ease. He is also extremely strong, as he is able to move an entire planet, such as Drak, and can connects Miracle Planet to Mobius.


it is a reference to the form in s3k

and they mention good charged chaos emeralds light sonic mayhaps...