Art by Mick McMahon

Hyenas are mammals from Planet Earth, Mobius and Shanazar. They are often characterised as being cowardly scavengers, although they kill much of the food they eat. They are also well-known for the sounds they can make, particularly ones that sound like laughter.

Hyenas were once a dominant species on Mobius. Led by King Leer, the hyenas ruled the lands through fear and assaults on smaller tribes. With little remorse, they would burn the villages of other animals and claim the lands as their own. Unfortunately for them, their reign of terror was ended by Bravehog, who convinced the other tribesmen to rebel against their oppressors. The hyenas fled in terror and numbers quickly began to dwindle. In present-day Mobius, hyenas are extremely rare, with the only hyena seen covering his face and embarrassed by his heritage.

When Sonic the Hedgehog was sent to the "dimension" of the Lost Souls during his visit to the Mystic Mountain, a pair of shadowy hyenas could be seen at the top of a column Sonic was clinging to.


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