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Super Sonic gets the job

Hunter & the Hunted is a 3-part Super Sonic story, re-introducing the characters of Super Sonic, Ebony, Pyjamas and Bio-Hazard. It began in Issue 116 of Sonic the Comic.



In The Groovy Train, a hip coffee bar in the Metropolis Zone, psychic Pyjamas is having another one of her visions. Owner of The Groovy Train, and Pyjama's friend, Ebony tells her to keep it down in order to stop scaring the customers away. This vision is stronger than before, giving off vibrations and visions of a creature capable of destroying the world. She then despairs as this monster walks into the bar... only for it to be the amnesiac Super Sonic. In a dingy area of the city, homeless Mobians complain about the state of the world today, thinking the world would have got better with the removal of Doctor Robotnik. Their moanings are ceased with the sudden appearance of Bio-Hazard, teleported from the Special Zone. Lightmare has been succesful, using the "dimensional teleporter" to beam the robot in, much to Lord Sidewinder's delight. He plans to track down the powerful hedgehog Super, taking advantage of his weakened state. Mr Fry is unsure about staying in New Tek City, since they've only just escaped from prison, but Sidewinder lashes out, putting power before safety. Back in Metropolis, Super has arrived for a job, having spent the last of his money. Pyjamas is set against this, since Super can't even remember his own name and gives off bad vibes. The conservation is cut short when a customers smashes into their table, thrown by Bio-Hazard.

The dumb robot has tracked Super down to the bar, but Ebony and co. can't really tell what he's yelling about in the commotion. Ebony orders Pyjamas to take Super to her office, much to the psychic's protests, whilst Ebony uses her magic to stop Bio-Hazard. Her simple spells seem to be bouncing off him; magic works mainly on the mind, but being a primitive being, Bio-Hazard seems to be immune to these spells. Instead, Ebony uses conjures up several images of Super Sonic to confuse him, not knowing which is the real one he's been sent to capture. Sidewinder, back at base, is livid. He's standing a few feet fom 'Super' but hasn't caught him yet. Fry suggests he may be shooting toxic gunk at Super, despite being explicitly told not to by Sidewinder, but Lightmare assures them he's not that stupid. However, Bio-Hazard is doing just that, destroying the images in front of him for mocking him. In Ebony's office, the cat is outraged at Bio-Hazard for trashing her place. She suggests that Pyjamas uses a mind-link on Super Sonic to unlock his memory. Despite more protests, Pyjamas enter Super's mind as Bio-Hazard realises he's been tricked.

Pyjamas unlocks Super's deepest thoughts, revealing the terrifying monster inside. Super's memories also return at the same time, awashing the hedgehog with thoughts. Ebony apologises for doubting Pyjamas and turns on Super, but Bio-Hazard crashies through the wall, rather than using the door. Bio-Hazard revels at finding Super Sonic, which is when the witch realises that Super is indeed a demon capable of destroying a planet. Bio-Hazard reveals that Sidewinder plans to absorb Super's powers and become a God, before grabbing him. Pyjamas tells Super to use his powers but the hedgehog refuses, knowing he could turn evil again if he taps into his powers. Before Bio-Hazard can use his teleporter, Super kicks his way out of the robot's hands. Just then, Bio-Hazard disappears, summoned back by Lieutenant Furor, who has captured the rest of the gang and turned off the teleportation device. Livid at Bio-Hazard for failing him, Sidewinder declares he will one day be a powerdul deity, before being carted off to a padded cell. Back at The Groovy Train, Pyjamas apologises to Super for calling him evil. Super Sonic forgives her, knowing he could become a demon again and considers turning himself in. Instead, Ebony tells Super to grab a broom, giving him that job he came in for in the first place.


  • Bio-Hazard attacked all Super Sonic images surrounding him, despite the "gizmo-thing" pointing in a certain direction (unless Ebony's magic affected the device as well).
  • Nigel Kitching's script originally named the coffee bar "The What A Way To Go-Go".


This story was reprinted from Issue 220 to Issue 222.


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