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Hume is a slang term for human, used by Megadroid. The word was often to used to differentiate between Humes (those who worked on Sonic the Comic) and Boomers (those who read the comic). More often than not, Megadroid would refer to the Humes-who-think-they're-in-charge, the editors who tell Megadroid what to do. Sonic the Comic Online has a larger emphasis on this; the Message Zone contains a section that lets people know who staff members are, such as Artist Humes and Writer Humes.

For a complete list of Humes, see:

Other staff members can be found under Review Zone, Q Zone, News Zone and individual issue pages.

Alternatively, you may be looking for the STC-O feature "Hume Quest", which saw Humes and Boomers alike visit original STC creators.