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The House of Magic is one of the three ruling houses of the Drakon Empire. As the name implies, they are experts in the arcane and govern all manners of mysticism within Drakon society. The House of Magic is led by Sister Haggra.


As much of Planet Drak's infrastructure is dependant on Chaos energy, it is possible that it was discovered by the House of Magic. It was then stored in Chaos Emeralds found on Mobius' Floating Island but was then lost to the Empire. The House of War attempted to retrieve them but failed.

In the present day, Sister Haggra of the House of Magic is one of the three most powerful leaders of the Drakon Empire. Using her Vapours of Destiny, she was able to establish that Sonic the Hedgehog knew the whereabouts of the Emeralds but was misled by Emperor Ko-Dorr.

Much later, the House of Magic seemingly usurped the House of War and took control, installing Emperor Brokken as a puppet leader. The House's power began to grow and they kept it for themselves, slowly destroying the planet and ruining the lives of its populace. A group of machi removed themselves from the House of Magic and started to find a way to stop the House of Magic before they became unstoppable. To this end, they recruited Blaze the Cat, a being with Chaos energy running through her blood, to destroy the mystical barriers surrounding the building. Whilst they were successful, Blaze was injured by four of the House's "sisters", whose magical experience and focus excelled over Blaze's youthful exuberance. Dax and his company were able to steal some spells and books and managed to free Blaze with a Mobius Ring, with the machi expecting a reprise from the House of Magic's Prosecutors.


  • As a large rock floating above Drak, the House of Magic resembles the Floating Island.


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