The variety from Shanazar. Art by Richard Elson.

Horses are mammals that live on Planet Earth and Mobius. Throughout history, horses have been closely associated with humans, often used to carry supplies or act as a steed for a brave knight. They even fulfilled this act on Mobius once in their history:
  • Speaking horses once existed, as evidenced in the Bravehog story. Aligned with King Leer and his hyena kingdom, the horses transported the evil creatures around and revealed to the badger tribe that they put up with the evil acts as long they feed the horses oats. They were not present in the final battle against the hyenas.
  • The soldiers of Romanus once seemed to ride around on horses, although they may have been robotic, judging by their shiny coats.
  • Several walking, talking horses lived in an area somewhere outside the main city of Shanazar. The Knight's Baron led these evil horses in a march against other kingdoms, tricking Amy and Sonic the Hedgehog into fighting their enemies, the Kritturs. Once the heroes discovered who the true villains were, Amy convinced the horses to ignore their kingdom from then on.

Outside of these areas, alternatives were used for horses. The Legend of the Golden Axe has heroes and villains riding on a variety of Bizarrian steeds. Recent Nameless Zone stories see that winged horses are a mode of transport within the Land Beyond.

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