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Art by Stephen Davis

Holly Thumpfoot (also known as Jumpinjax) is a rabbit and a member of The Ultimax. She is young and hyperactive, jumping into all things with extreme enthusiasm. Holly classes herself as a "speedy hopper", but is otherwise unknown what part she plays in the team. She is either from the Hill Top Zone or simply knows other hares from the area. She is hinted to have a crush on Tails.


As well as the rest of the Ultimax, Holly was called into action by the Emerald Hill Zone police to battle the Green Gremlin. However, she was more distracted by a song being sung by Theodore Abram Spartacus and declared that she could barely remember her own name. The Green Gremlin specifically picked on her, grabbing her by the ears and spinning her around.

After the battle, Holly enthusiastically greeted Tails, calling him "much cuter in real life". She was also instrumental in convincing Dexter Bagstille to join forces with the fox, noting that they just got their "butts kicked" and that they had always wanted to be Freedom Fighters. Upon Dexter conceding defeat, Holly excitedly hugged her leader before warmly holding Tails on the shoulder.

It didn't take long for Holly to become a leading ally of the Freedom Fighters. Within a short time, she visited Buddy's Bistro and ate dinner with Amy Rose and Chrysalis. Holly excitedly listened to Chrysalis' advice about the Fabian Vane style of clothes currently in trend and may have been present at Vane's concert.


Holly later returned with the rest of the team on an evacuation mission in the Maple Flower Zone. Whilst escorting the residents through an underground tunnel network, the rabbit irritably snapped at Dexter for undermining Tails' attempts to reassure the frightened Mobians. After the tunnel caved in thanks to Doctor Robotnik's intervention, Holly was asked to use her ability to see in the dark to help the citizens escape. The rabbit enthusiastically agreed to Tails' request, seductively wrapping her arms around him. She showed bravery with regards to battling Badniks, but her inexperience came through when she was struck by a projectile. Tails helped her to her feet and the pair destroyed the invaders together. For the rest of the journey, Holly wore the head of a Caterkiller as a hat.

Holly assisted Tails on several missions, including defending citizens at Christmas times and allowing Tails to deliver a birthday present to Sonic the Hedgehog. She was present when Silver the Hedgehog arrived from the future, initially fawning over him until A.G. broadcast an image of Zonerunner Tails - which she promptly fell in love with.

During Super Sonic's attack, Holly largely remained at base. She was the one to notice that the "unidentified aircraft" accompanying the Iblis belonged to Dexter Bagstille and also deduced that Super Sonic was targeting the coalition's transports. Holly later accompanied Tails to the Oil Desert Zone where they helped Shortfuse the Cybernik and the Scrap Mobians destroy an Ubernik factory. She was later at his side as they defended the Emerald Hill Zone from Robotnik's final assault, helping him and Theo take on a Crabmeat.


  • Holly has some similarities to Cream.



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