Sonic's Bob Beaky disguise is no longer effective. Art by Stiv, Seumidh MacDonald and Pete Murphy.

Hog Hunt
is a multi-part Sonic the Hedgehog story beginning in Issue 262 of Sonic the Comic Online.



In Grace Falls Memorial Park, a park-keeper awakens a drifter sleeping on a bench, since it's mid-afternoon and he can't stay there forever. The parkie suddenly panics at the sight of the drifter's face, that of Bob Beaky. Sonic's secret identity has been uncovered, and it doesn't help that it's all over the news. He grabs his bag, sending the people into even more of a panic, thinking it's a bomb, and makes a run for it after being punched in the face by one civilian. Suddenly he is attacked again at high speed. His attackers this time are the Babylon Rogues who are seeking a bounty recently placed on Sonic's head. Sonic decides not to bother with the Rogues and swiftly departs, but Jet takes it as a personal insult and gives chase on his own. They begin to fight, Jet holding Sonic's legs down, but Sonic retaliates by beginning to run with his hands. Just as he's thrown Jet off, the police arrive and Sonic is forced to retreat again. But now he's in even more trouble: He's run straight into the Omni-Viewer and Chaotix make plans to bring him in on behalf of the G.U.N..

Sonic tries to reason with Vector, but once it's made clear that the Chaotix don't trust him, he breaks free from the Omni-Viewer and is immediately attacked by Espio and then Vector after the chameleon is subdued. Espio launches back into action, vanishing and reappearing rapidly, but Sonic is able to gain the upper hand, using Espio's taunting as a window to grab his tongue and headbutt him. Vector has another go, but is flung into Omni, receiving a violent shock and leaving only Charmy (who is no threat to Sonic) and Mighty. Mighty reveals that until this moment, he has been growing bored of life on Mobius and has 'always wanted to knock Sonic's block off' before attacking. Sonic merely taunts him, effectively saying he's nothing compared to Knuckles or Espio, which only enrages him. None of Mighty's attacks hit however, and Sonic has grown tired of fighting Chaotix. As he zips around Mighty, softening the dirt around him, he suggests that the crew to help G.U.N. in more positive ways, before departing, leaving Mighty stuck in the mud. Later as Chaotix recuperate and Vector is confronted by the police, they are unaware that they are being observed. Having made careful observations of Sonic, they know how hopeless his situation is and will be handsomely rewarded for bringing him in when he gives up. Death Trap have joined the hunt.


  • Vector has upgraded his music player from a Walkman to an mp3 player.


The previous Sonic story was In Memory. The next story is Rise of the Detoniks.

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