Hobson & Choy is a 2-part Sonic the Hedgehog story which began in Issue 121 of Sonic the Comic.



One quiet morning in the Control Centre, Sonic drops in on the Kintobor Computer to see what's happening. The only thing to report is that Tails is fending off a squad of Badniks in Metropolis Zone, and is actually doing rather well. Sonic makes plans to go take a look anyway, since he doesn't want Tails getting ideas above his station. Meanwhile in the Drakon Empire's House of War, Grimer is advising Emperor Ko-Dorr on the Floating Island, Knuckles, and his Guardian Robot army. A Prosecutor brings in two prisoners, Hobson and Choy, accused of defacing Ko-Dorr's statue. Ko-Dorr orders that the pair be thrown into a cell, planning to decide on their punishment in a year or two, and Hobson and Choy immediately spring into action. After breaking free of their restraints, Choy steals a dimensional staff and summons a Mobius Ring, warping the pair away just before they can be caught again. Back on Mobius, Sonic has arrived at the site of Tails' battle, and noticed that something is wrong: the Badniks are older models and sloppily built. He reasons that they're being controlled by someone else, and quickly tracks down a group of Doctor Robotnik Appreciation Tribe members. As the police turn up to haul the cultists away, Sonic and Tails start on their journey home. On Flickies' Island however, Dr Robotnik sees Hobson and Choy arriving via Mobius Ring.

Thinking quickly, Robotnik presents himself as the benign former ruler of Mobius, his power usurped by 'the evil menace', Sonic the Hedgehog. He then reveals Sonic's 'true' face on his monitors: that of Super Sonic. Choy immediately offers Robotnik his and Hobson's 'expert' help (not even listening to Hobson's protests), and depart through another Mobius Ring to the Emerald Hill Zone, with orders to capture Sonic and bring him back to Flickies' Island. Kintobor soon picks up intruders on the edge of the zone, leaving Sonic to abandon his burger and leap into action. He quickly finds Hobson and Choy, and soon finds himself being surprised by the combination of Choy's cowardice and Hobson's brute strength. On his own, however, Choy is no match for Sonic and is swiftly overpowered. The pair quickly retreat back through the Mobius Ring, Choy promising to find some way to make their mission sound successful, leaving Sonic to silently muse on whether Robotnik's getting desperate or planning something really clever...


  • Nigel Kitching's original plan for Hobson and Choy was for them to end up as new sidekicks for Sonic. Unfortunately, he never brought them back again. The pair did not make another appearance until The Inside Story in Sonic the Comic Online.
  • This story marks Sonic's first encounter with D.R.A.T.. It's also one of the few times where Nigel Kitching used a character or concept from Lew Stringer's stories.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Riot Resolution. The next story was Order & Chaos.

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