Art by Jonathan Lock and Iain Stewart.

The Hill Top Zone is a volcanic Zone, beset by seismic disturbances and lava flows.

In its first appearance ("Hill Top Terror", Issue 20), Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails were called in to help when the Mountain of Destiny appeared likely to erupt. This turned out to be the work of one of Doctor Robotnik's machines, and was a deliberate trap for Sonic. The inhabitants who summoned Sonic were a tribal species of birds, led by Chief Kordon; they believed that the volcano showed "the gods" were angry.

The Zone turned up again in Sonic the Comic Online (Issue 227), and was shown to have a diverse population with modern housing as well as the tribe. A remote village in the Zone was the home of Agiatha Witchbrew, a powerful witch. Her granddaughter Violet Witchbrew stole some of her magic and caused Tower Village to be menaced by resurrected Badniks until she was stopped.

In the later story ("Rouge Alert"), we saw a larger urban settlement and that the inhabitants were technologically advanced. The hares of the Zone also possessed a seperate language, which they would sometimes bellow in combat. The inhabitants, known for their stoicism and respect for tradition, were governed by an ancient aristocracy headed by Duke Biriud, the Zone Leader; while they are aware of the concept of democracy, it is dismissed and its advocates viewed as "idiots". Security is provided by the secret service, the "Keepers", run by Officer Dunzi. Known locations include the High Academy, the local university. In "Rouge Alert", Duke Biruid visited the Academy to congratulate them on restoring a priceless, ancient mural. Rouge the Bat infiltrated the ceremony, evading and manipulating the Keepers, before finally tricking them into destroying the mural. Unknown to Dunzi, this was part of a Drakon Empire plot to destroy the Zone's morale (destroying a piece of their history and humiliating their defencers) in advance of Doctor Robotnik's return.

In The Battle For Mobius, the Hill Top Zone came under fierce attack. Despite massive destruction, Dunzi and his men routed the attack. Following this, a Keepers snatch team was sent to the Starlight Zone to capture Rouge, without the knowledge of the Starlight authorities; said authorities found out anyway as the local police tried to grab Rouge at the same time.

In Silver the Hedgehog's dystopian future, the Mountain of Destiny has destroyed the zone.