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Chaotix are blissfully ignorant. Art by Richard Elson.

Heroes & Villains is a 3-part Sonic the Hedgehog story, beginning in Issue 84. It marks the start of the Special Zone story arc.



Today, the Chaotix Crew have a surprise guest. Sonic the Hedgehog has travelled to the weird dimension to pass on a deadly warning. Vector the Crocodile berates the Omni-Viewer for working for Sonic, but Omni says the two of them go way back and he was happy to help. Sonic interrupts, beginning the story of why he was here. Sonic explains how he used to turn into Super Sonic at times of great stress. Recently, it happened again, but much worse ("Running Wild") and Super was only defeated when the Kintobor Computer sent him into the Special Zone. Now, Sonic is here to find this separate entity and stop him from causing any trouble. Chaotix don't seem impressed and Espio the Chameleon says they'll let Sonic know if they see this Super character. Sonic is terrified, informing Chaotix that Super can destroy everything and everyone, but Chaotix know they're strong enough to handle this threat. They're actually on their way down to Planet Meridian, something which confuses Sonic, since he believed that the weird part was the only part of the Special Zone. There's actually all sorts of planets and suns and moons. Sonic decides to join them on their trip to New Tek City, where the Justice Brigade (led by Captain Tornado are locked in a battle with The Discriminators (fronted with Baron X. The hedgehog wants to know why they're fighting, Mighty the Armadillo giving him an explanation; they're the bad guys, we're the good guys, it's just what we do. The fight is broken up by the appearance of the police. Apparently, Chaotix are wanted for a crime they didn't commit, so they flee through the Omni-Viewer. Before he can escape, however, Sonic is captured by an officer, not really caring what happens to him right now.

Soon enough, Sonic is trapped in a cell at the New Tek Police Station. Lieutenant Furor continues to try and get the full story out of Sonic and why he's with Chaotix but he doesn't now anything, much more worried about the threat of Super Sonic. The scene is interrupted by the appearance of rich gentleman Lord Sidewinder, who has paid the bail for Sonic's release. Furor is livid and wants to arrest Sidewinder too, but there seems to be no proof to link him to a nucleae bomb... Back in the weird part of the Special Zone, Chaotix are pondering what to do. They know they should've told Sonic they were waned for robbery, but it's too late for that. Vector asks Omni to transport Sonic out, but the whole police station is surrounded by an energy barrier. Elsewhere, Sonic is introduced to Sidewinder's associates; Lightmare, Bio-Hazard and Proctor Speckle. Sonic wants to know what's going on, and it isn't long before Sidewinder introduces him to his new "partner", Super Sonic! The demon volunteered to join Sidewinder's group if he was delivered to Sonic, in turn helping Sidewinder take over the world. However, now the hedgehogs have been brought together, Super goes back on his word and destroys Sidewinder's mansion. Speckle mixes one of his potions, turning into the monstrous Mr Fry, but Super simply swats him aside. Sonic attempts a Spin Attack but it seems to do nothing at all. Bio-Hazard gets in the way, knocking over Sonic before getting swatted aside himself. Super seems to be looking forward to destroying Sonic...

Some time later, Chaotix arrive with the Omni-Viewer, having found out where Sonic was. Sidewinder uses this opportunity to destroy Chaotix once and for all, and a massive battle erupts. As Sonic comes up with a plan with Omni, Lightmare opens his box of nightmares, leading Charmy Bee to believe he's been chased by a can of bug spray. Mighty comes blow to blow with Mr Fry, while Espio does his best to dodge Bio-Hazard's toxic waste. As the fight gets out of hand (on a double page spread), Sonic puts all his power behind pushing Super into Omni. He tells Omni to send Super to another dimension, but Omni refuses, saying Super is their problem and he'd only destroy those around him. Instead, Omni seems to have frozen himself and Super Sonic in time, becoming the perfect prison. Somehow, Chaotix make their way back to base, where they thank Omni for the sacrifice he has made. Unfortunately, Sonic can now not return home.

A week later, Charmy notices that Super's hands have changed positions; previously, one of Super's fingers poked out of the Omni-Viewer, but now there are two. He wonders if he should tell Vector, but he's probably get shouted at, so he decides to leave it.



This story was reprinted from Issue 205 to Issue 207.


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