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Hero of Mobius is a complete Tails story that first appeared in Issue 42 of Sonic the Comic. It was later reprinted in Issue 158.



The Freedom Fighters are in the Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus caravan, listening to Sonic the Hedgehog boast about smashing Badniks. As he accepts praise for trashing a Rhinobot, Sonic mocks Tails for not being at that fight. Tails tries to defend himself, stating it "wasn't the right sort of day". Instead of revealing he'd been in the Nameless Zone, Tails runs off and leaves Sonic to carry on with his story.

Walking off on his own, Tails remembers his recent adventures and wishes he hadn't wrote letters home to his family. He recalls how shocked he was when a portal to his homeworld appeared and how a total fluke enabled the fox to stop Trogg invading his home with a berzerker army. As he ponders this, Johnny Lightfoot appears and tells Tails that a build-up of Badniks has been sighted. Tails is eager to come and prove himself but, as Johnny turns to head back for the caravan, one of the Enchanter Kings appears to summon Tails. The fox refuses to help, but a plea from the king ends Tails' chance of proving himself to Mobius.

As the sun rises, Johnny is left wondering why Tails didn't show as the heroes head off to save the day.


  • Neither Tails' adventure in the Nameless Zone, or the others' battle in the Hill Top Zone has ever been seen.


The previous Tails story was Zonerunner & The Flock. The next is Zonerunner & The Big Freeze.