Art by Richard Elson

The Hell House Ride was an attraction on the now-destroyed Carnival Night Zone. The rollercoaster, packed with deadly traps and beasts, was used by the Marxio Brothers to try and kill Knuckles the Echidna. The ride, operated by Chicio Marxio contained a knight in armour with an axe, mud monsters, skeletons and bats before turning up the speed, throwing Knuckles into a path blocked with fake ghosts and onto an incomplete part of the ride that leads to the end of the Floating Island. Thanks to the harness being so tight, Knuckles was barely able to get out of the ride alive. Fortunately, the echidna used the axe from before to latch onto the track and free himself from the carriage.

It is doubtful that, if the ride was meant to be a customer attraction, it would contain all the same kind of threats. With the destruction of the Zone came the end of the Hell House Ride.


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