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Harvestman is a member of The Family who works under Don Long-Legs, primarily as an assassin. Unlike most of his comrades, he's a spider rather than an insect - a spider with, er, six limbs.

Harvestman and his fellow mobsters escaped the Special Zone before it imploded, acting upon a tip-off from Grimer, as part of his act of revenge against Sonic. He has served The Family for eleven-and-a-half years, and seems to view assassination as something of a sport, having racked up five hundred and eleven kills and two hundred and eleven times he has shot someone point blank with a silenced .45 handgun. He made his first appearance in Sonic the Comic Online in Bitten by the Gambling Bug, finishing a cocktail after assuring Max Gamble that he'd sent Herne to deal with Amy and Tails. He arrived later on to personally ensure that Zip the Flea was planted upon Tails' person, to monitor the Freedom Fighters' movements.

Harvestman's next major appearance came alongside Oscura, his orders being to ultimately assassinate Sonic. Unfortunately, this plan was brought to something of a halt, literally, as Harvestman was hauled over by Police Chief Bodger for speeding, which seems to be something of a regular occurrence for him. He returned in soon after, where he was ordered to assassinate Big the Cat for ruining a Family wedding. He was still recieving an ear-bashing regarding the incident with Oscura, but agreed to kill Big as long as the incident wasn't mentioned again. He quickly found the big lug and dispatched him, or so he thought. However, he had underestimated Big's reflexes when it came to catching a bullet, and recieved a quick battering. After back-up came, in the form of Herne and several other Family mobsters, Harvestman was able to help convince Big to come work for them, in the form of a chef.

Harvestman played his part in The Battle For Mobius alongside Herne and Don Long-Legs, riding atop the Don's limo and making use of his many arms in fighting off the Badniks' onslaught upon the Casino Night Zone. Since then, he continues to help the Family profit from other Zones' misfortune. When the Seaside Hill Zone came under attack from a large Badnik attack, Harvestman was sent to the Metropolis Zone to claim a powerful bomb from Buddy's Bistro. Unfortunately, his old foe Big has mixed up the exchange and taken it for himself, leaving the insect with a pizza. Upon delivering it to the Seaside Hill Zone, Harvestman refused to explain what had happened to the Seaside Hill Zone Leader, instead requesting he take it up with the Don.


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