The Hallowe'en-themed logo.

The Hallowe'en Wallpapers is a special edition of Sonic the Comic Online released Hallowe'en 2010. Not strictly an edition of the comic, the site simply displays a selection of wallpapers where regular STC characters have dressed up in the style of another SEGA franchise. The project was organised by Calisto and almost all of the posters were coloured by her.

A couple of days after the initial publication, the site was changed to show all of the Back Issues, as well as making Issue 224 the "Featured Issue" of the moment. The wallpapers are relegated to a link between the two major sections. It has now permanently been moved to a position between links for Issue 252 and Issue 253.


The following is a list of characters featured, with their inspiration in parenthesis.

"Control Zone"

Although Megadroid doesn't make an appearance, he leaves a short message to inform Boomers that Issue 253 is on its way. Hallowe'en is unfortunately spelled "Halowe'en".



Many of the wallpapers are still missing as of March 2011, five months since the feature first appeared. Several of the characters present in the group shot are supposed to have their own posters, yet have not yet been added.


The previous issue of Sonic the Comic Online was Issue 252. The next is Issue 253. The previous special was the Issue 251 Reprint Special. The next special is the Hallowe'en Wallpapers 2011.

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