Art by Carl Flint

Guggets (actually just "puppets" spoken with a speech impediment) are a group of wooden puppets given artificial intelligence by means of a chip implanted in their woodgrain. The "intelligence" supposedly wasn't the best, as the creatures went on to commit an unknown crime. The guggets were being transported to a prison planet on the prison ship Astratraz when they revolted and took over the ship. Fortunately, Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary were on their travels through the Eternity Ring and stopped by to help. Amy began to punch the heads off their attackers but were overpowered and thrown in a cell. Tekno feigned betrayal and decided to help them find a new planet to invade. Unknown to them, Tekno had read a star chart and located Planet Terminus, a planet infested with giant termites. As soon as the guggets embarked on their invasion, every last one of them was eaten by the natives.

The majority of "guggets" actually speak perfectly normal, but look quite plain to compensate. Their leader has a severe speech problem, replacing all his "p"s and "b"s with "g"s, due to his rather basic mouth. Even his henchmen had trouble understanding every word he says, taking a few seconds to understand the command of "vagourise". Fortunately, his loud dress sense and bow tie made up for this.


  • Not all of the leader's speech is altered. The speech made to throw Amy and Tekno in the cell is in perfect English.
  • Perhaps as a joke to programmes like Thunderbirds, the puppets' strings can always be seen, despite them not needing any. The leader does not have any strings as he is a ventriloquist's dummy.
  • One of the guggets is mercilessly "killed" by Amy before she learns of their intelligence. However, considering the guggets actually have no visible life support, the head supposedly carried on "living" after it was knocked off.


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