Guardian of the Chaos Emeralds is a complete Knuckles the Echidna story that appeared in the first Sonic the Summer Special. It is Knuckles' first appearance in a Sonic the Comic strip.



The people on Mobius often wonder if there's something hidden in the skies, since shadows are sometimes cast when the sunlight strikes the clouds in a certain way. Such talk has given rise to rumours of a Floating Island. However, these tales are true as the island is protected by Knuckles, the last echidna.

As Knuckles stands watch one day, he notices a meteor crash-land in the Ice Cap Zone and jumps into a Zoom Tube to reach the impact site. Discovering the crater, he realises it's not a meteor as a hatch opens and reveals a remote camera. A voice asks Knuckles to follow him and Knuckles obliges, asking if the camera belongs to another echidna. The voice replies in the negative, explaining that his spaceship had been orbiting the planet until the main engines failed and he crash-landed on Mobius. Knuckles corrects the voice, stating he has landed on the Floating Island. The camera stops, asking if Knuckles is the guardian of the Chaos Emeralds. He confirms, wondering how the island would fly without the Emeralds.

The camera soon reaches its destination, as a trapped Doctor Robotnik warns Knuckles that the evil Sonic the Hedgehog is coming...



This is the first Knuckles story. The next is Enter Knuckles.

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