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Guardian Robots are a technology utilised on the Floating Island, originally designed to defend the ancient echidna race and, perhaps, to assist with other tasks.


At some point before Sonic the Hedgehog's visit to ancient history, the ancient echidnas had developed advanced technology in the form of pilotable robots. At this stage, they were only shown to be under the control of skilled pilots and there was no indication that these robots could ever survive on their own.

Thousands of years after the Great War, one of these machines was found by Knuckles the Echidna. It appeared to be searching for another echidna, Doctor Zachary, and fought with Knuckles on his way to completing his mission. Despite Guardian Robots previously being allies to the echidnas, this particular one managed to smash Knuckles through a wall, before absorbing the power of the Master Emerald. It turned out that it was being controlled by the software of Zachary, part of his desire to avenge something. Piloting the robot away from the island, Knuckles managed to wake up and tear the robot's wing just in time, rendering it unable to fly. A minor tremor ripped through the island soon after, causing both robot and Zachary to fall to Mobius below. Luckily for him, Zachary managed to manually fly the robot as he descended, but the damaged wing meant Zachary was practically dead upon landing.

The head of this robot remained on the Floating Island (since Knuckles punched it off), still fully charged with the Chaos energy from the Master Emerald. Knuckles realised that he could use this as a temporary Master Emerald and hooked the robot head to the Emerald Chamber. Sure enough, the island returned to the skies. Shortly after Knuckles' visit to the Kohenyu Graveyard, Knuckles tried to take the energy from the robot head and place it into the new Emerald. Fearing he would soon die, the robot reactivated itself and attempted to destroy Knuckles. The echidna soon realised what was happening and allowed the robot to live on minimum energy, hoping to access its memory banks for clues on his race's whereabouts. He never did this, on-panel at least.

During Knuckles' time away from the island, the head sat in a small alcove, accidentally surprising Sonic on his visit to see Porker Lewis. The robot didn't seem to understand that Sonic was about to turn into the monstrous Super Sonic and was ordered to keep quiet by the terrified pig.

With Knuckles still being away, Zachary returned to the island with Doctor Robotnik and reprogrammed more Guardian Robots with his own software. It'd seem that Zachary knew more about the island's secrets than Knuckles and knew where the robots were being kept. Come Issue 100, the electromagnetic pulse failed to disable the robots but it did knock out Zachary's hardware, rendering them useless. When they eventually did activate, the Emerald Hill folk misinterpreted them as a geniune threat and attacked the robots, with said robots retaliating. The skirmish ended when Knuckles talked the Folk out of attacking.

Their last real appearance was to help Knuckles when the Floating Island seemed to be in the middle of a takeover. They first apprehended D.R.A.T. crooks, then attempted to follow the real villains, until their chameleon circuits 'blinded' them. They eventually did manage to stop their nefarious scheme, but only thanks to the lead of Porker, who was manually piloting one.

Sonic the Comic Online

The Guardian Robots played a major part in the online continuation, dragging the submerged Floating Island out from under the ocean and back into the air.

Later, the robots activated Emergency Program One once Knuckles was killed by god Vichama. This process, along with the Guardian Stone, allowed them to revive Knuckles once again.

More recently, Knuckles enlisted Porker and Vector the Crocodile to build more Guardian Robots in The Battle For Mobius. Porker had been studying them and, although they'd take weeks to build, they would a vital asset in the inevitable fight against the Drakon Empire, as they proved to be thousands of years before.


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Shortly before the start of the Great War, a prototype model of a new type of Guardian Robot was commissioned by Pochacamac. This sleeker robot was able to mimic the skills and habits of its foe and incorporate into its own battle style, making it extremely tough to beat. However, when it absorbed the data of the Chaos monster, it went haywire and had to be sealed away.

Some time later, a future version of Knuckles stumbled across the robot and awoke it. Realising how powerful it was, the echidna sealed it within a building and created a number of traps to keep it in. Even so, the robot killed Knuckles before it was permanently sealed away.

In the present day, a new version of Knuckles (with no memory of the previous encounter) returned to this site, this time having to navigate his own predecessor's traps. Once again he awoke the robot and battled with it. However, Knuckles was able to destroy it when the "Gizoid" absorbed too much data when investigating Knuckles' origins.


The bulk of the Guardian Robot is its large head. This is the main base of the robot and contains its 'brain', as well as having enough room to fit a pilot. The head is fairly humanoid, with its eye also acting as a laser weapon, particularly effective when loaded with Chaos energy.

The rest of the body seems to be spindly and fragile, but is strong enough to fight threats such as Knuckles and Mr Beta. When not fighting, the robots are used to perform repair work on the island, having been left to dispreair for many millenia. Despite being strong, the robot is surprisingly agile, with wings connected to their arms to enable them to fly.

In Sonic the Comic Online, they also have the ability to resurrect the Floating Island from within the ocean and can use the Guardian Stone to resurrect Knuckles.


  • The Guardian Robot's design may have been inspired by the robots from the Studio Ghibli film, Laputa: Castle In The Sky. Both robots have long segmented arms with concealed wings and possess similar abilities, as well as both guarding an ancient airborne island.


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