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Grounded is a complete Tails story that first appeared in Issue 79 of Sonic the Comic. It was later reprinted in Issue 206.



Tails has been sent by Sonic the Hedgehog to the Aquatic Ruin Zone after hearing rumours of a new Badnik. Although the coast is initially clear, Tails discovers the Spider-Moth and attempts to smash it. Tails believes he can handle the threat alone with the other Freedom Fighters in the Metropolis Zone, but he is quickly grounded when the Badnik ties his tails together with web. Unable to fly, Tails plummets to the ground and is soon harassed by the Badnik once more, forcing the fox to evade its fire bombs. The Spider-Moth announces that its maker, Commander Brutus, is planning a revolution.

Since Tails is unable to fly, he comes up with a plan to swat the Badnik out of the sky with a palm tree. Unfortunately, the cable he uses to pull the tree back snaps, sending Tails hurtling through the sky - right into the path of the Spider-Moth! Although the Badnik is destroyed, Tails is thrown right into the ocean and into the sights of a Masher Badnik. The webbing slows Tails down and he can't swim away, but the clumsy Masher's teeth cuts the rope, setting Tails free. Worried about what the Spider-Moth said, Tails speeds towards the Metropolis Zone to help his friends.


  • This story runs alongside Revolution.
  • The Spider-Moth makes its only appearance here, as does the Masher.


The previous Tails story was Fox On The Run. The next is Fleabyte Returns.