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Grimer, art by Richard Elson

Grimer is a sickly-looking, goblin-like creature who possesses extraordinary scientific talent and a complete disregard for life. He is the secondary antagonist of Sonic the Comic and loyally devoted lackey of Doctor Robotnik, and has served the doctor for many years as his chief scientist. He made his first appearance in Sonic the Comic Issue 21 and has been a constant threat throughout the comic's original run as well as orchestrating Sonic the Hedgehog's fall from grace in Sonic the Comic Online.


Faithful Servant

During RBR, Grimer served as Dr. Robotnik's chief scientist and was responsible for designing many of the doctor's weapons and robots. It is unknown when or how exactly he came to be in the doctor's service, but one thing is certain: he enjoys his work. Grimer has been known to conduct horrifying experiments on Mobians, whether for some greater purpose or simply because Robotnik enjoys watching others suffer. His sense of loyalty to Robotnik is very strong; on numerous occasions he has been threatened, strangled and beaten by his master (Robotnik has even tried to kill Grimer on occasion), but despite the constant abuse Grimer has put up with, he has remained obedient to Robotnik.

Scientific Genius & Criminal Mastermind

Grimer is responsible for many creations that Robotnik often takes credit for. It was Grimer who originally designed the Metallix series and created the mind-scanning device that allowed Robotnik to produce Commander Brutus. Even after Robotnik's downfall and apparent demise, Grimer proved to be a cunning and inventive foe. When Robotnik disappeared after his brief existence as a Chaos god, Grimer was arrested and imprisoned at Metropolis City High Security Prison. Grimer managed to escape from his cell and take control of the prison, holding its governor hostage. Somehow he managed to acquire control of a Metallix Mark 3 robot and use it to capture Sonic and extract information regarding Robotnik's disappearance. He later managed to hack into the Kintobor Computer and turn it against Sonic. This attack was merely a diversion, however, as Grimer planted hidden tracking programs in Kintobor's mainframe. With this software in place, Grimer was able to monitor Sonic's every move.

The Search for Robotnik

After striking a deal with Nack the Weasel, Grimer initiated a plan to rescue Dr. Robotnik, who Grimer had learned had been shrunk to a sub-atomic size. Using Nack's own shrinking tech, the two villains infiltrated the Floating Island, deploying a dragon-like Badnik to distract Sonic and Knuckles the Echidna. They entered the island's Emerald Chamber and found the exact location where Robotnik had vanished, using advanced shrinking technology to shrink themselves down to sub-atomic size. They descended into the Microverse and discovered the planet Shanazar, where Robotnik was supposed to be located. Sonic followed in their wake and all of them were imprisoned by the royal guards shortly after arrival. They were granted an audience with the Grand Vizier, who turned out to be Doctor Ovi Kintobor. Grimer and Nack were sent back to the palace dungeon whilst Sonic remained free, and they remained there until Kintobor reverted back to Robotnik some days later.

Desperation and Resignation

After reuniting with his master, Grimer continued to work with Robotnik toward reconquering Mobius. Together they created the Dimension Blender, a machine which would merge the Microverse with Mobius and jumpstart global chaos, allowing Robotnik to take advantage of the destruction and confusion and re-dominate the world. Due to the interference of Sonic, Amy Rose and the magically-transformed Princess Kupacious, the plan went awry. While the Microverse had merged with Mobius, there was no evidence of destruction and the dimensions remained out of spatial sync. New Zones became accessible via gateways that had appeared across Mobius and other than the portals, no other physical evidence of the merger had become apparent. The failure of this plan drove Robotnik over the edge and for a time he became solely dedicated to killing Sonic, then later decided he would rather just annihilate the entire planet and be done with it. With the sudden arrival of the plastic aliens called The Plax who revered Robotnik as a god of destruction, Grimer realised that Robotnik truly intended to wipe out everything, including him. With this realisation, Grimer betrayed Robotnik and informed the Freedom Fighters of his plan. The Plax later attacked but then scanned Grimer's mind when he told them that Robotnik wanted to destroy them too. The Plax realized that Robotnik was using them and attempted to stop him, but they were all killed when Robotnik absorbed the life energy of Mobius and used it to vaporise them all. A great battle ensued between Robotnik and the Freedom Fighters, which ended with Robotnik losing his power and his base being destroyed. Grimer remained with the doctor, still not giving up on him. This would change during the Chaos crisis, when Grimer released Chaos into the world in order to cheer up Robotnik who had fallen into depression. Motivated by Chaos' actions, Robotnik sprang into action and Grimer was ever-willing to aid him in his plans. But Robotnik's only plan was to gather the Chaos Emeralds, Chaos and Sonic & co. into one place so they could all be together as the world came to an end. Although the crisis was resolved, Grimer finally realised that Robotnik was beyond hope and decided to abandon the doctor.

Sonic the Comic Online

After Robotnik's descent into madness, Grimer went into hiding. Although he had left his insane former master behind, he still felt a pathological need to serve him. In this state of depression, Grimer set up a laboratory and built himself a robot copy of Robotnik, which would gloat over his inevitable return to power and Sonic's destruction. This escapism was only temporary, it seemed, as Grimer later covertly began planning his revenge against Sonic. He monitored the activities of The Syndicate and tipped off The Family about their plot to destroy the Special Zone. At the same time, he anonymously made contact with Percival James Kane and fed him information that Kane could use to slander Sonic in the media. Finally, he created the Neo Metallix - a liquid metal robot capable of shapeshifting which could frame Sonic for a number of orchestrated crimes. With Mobius suffering under mob rule and Sonic labelled as a criminal, Grimer's revenge was complete. It was only after Sonic had destroyed the Neo Metallix that Grimer made his actions known by appearing before Sonic in holographic form. He gloated over Sonic's downfall before disappearing. His current whereabouts are unknown, nor is it known what his future plans are.


  • According to the Data Zone in Issue 176, Grimer's last name is 'Wormtongue'. This is a comical reference to the character Grima Wormtongue from the Lord Of The Rings novels.
  • Grimer also has a cousin called Slimy, who is also an inventor. Slimy is exceedingly jealous of Grimer, who is apparently the 'golden boy' of their family.
  • Grimer's species is unknown. There is some speculation that he may not even be from Mobius.
  • Grimer is similar to Snively, Robotnik's nephew and toady from the Archie Comics and SatAM cartoon, in being a wimpy yet brilliant in his own right servant to Robotnik. However, while Snively tired of abuse at his uncle/master's hands and began plotting ways to betray him, Grimer remained fully and uncompromisingly loyal to the mad doctor until the very bitter end when it became clear that Robotnik had lost his mind to despair at his endless defeats at Sonic's hands and was perfectly content to let Chaos enact armageddon on Mobius if it meant Sonic and the Freedom Fighters would die with them, in which he quit and left the scene to make his own way.

Outside STC

Grimer is an exclusive character to Sonic the Comic, created by Nigel Kitching and Richard Elson. His sidekick role is taken up by various other characters in other Sonic media: Snively Robotnik in SatAM and Archie Comics, Scratch and Grounder in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Decoe and Bocoe from Sonic X and, more recently, Orbot and Cubot from the games.


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Grimer made his first appearance in Girl Trouble, but it was implied that he'd been working for Robotnik for some time before. He made regular appearances right until the final issue, where he quit the services of his master. Grimer has appeared much more infrequently in STC-O.


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