Art by Anthony Williams and Brian Williamson

Grim McSlam is one of the Midway Monsters, a team who play a part in Bring Me the Head of Coach Brikka!, a Mutant League Football story. Little more than a heavily-armoured skeleton with hazy eyes, Grim acts as a sidekick to team captain Bones Jackson on their quest to retrieve Coach Brikka's head.

Grim's personality matches his name; his outlook on life and events is extremely miserable and pessimistic, frequently predicting his team's downfall. His first speaking part is in Issue 33, where he relays the (quite doomed) situation to Brenda Brikka. Even as their odds improve, Grim is always the first to bring them back down to Earth.

Later, when they are denied entrance to Zalgor Prigg's lair, K.T. Slayer uses Grim's head as a football to blast the door open. In the final game for Brenda's hand in marriage, Grim is the first to leap into action but is blasted by the enemy's weaponry. He survives, however, and is the one to return the head of Coach Brikka safely back to his body.