Art by Mike Hadley and John M Burns.

The Green Hill Zone is one of the numerous hill Zones on South Island.

Sonic the Hedgehog used to live there, and left Tails there when heading off on adventures (he soon stopped this practice). Because of this, the Zone used to be a target by Doctor Robotnik. Johnny Lightfoot, Porker Lewis, Sally Acorn, Tufftee, Joe Sushi and Tux used to live there. They would all move to the Emerald Hill Zone and Sonic shifted his attention there too (and so did Robotnik).

Robotnik made one last attack on the Zone during Christmas, when he set up a fake Christmas celebration with the intention of blowing up everyone who attended.

Later, B.A.R.F. were often stationed there to pick up the pieces of broken Green Hill Badniks. After another successful raid by Sonic, Robotnik decided to place Badniks from the Palmtree Panic Zone in the Green Hill Zone to surprise the Freedom Fighters. Unfortunately, the two areas couldn't get on and the Miracle Planet Badniks took over the Zone. Cam and Bert reacted by creating The Seven Badniks and took the Zone back.

After Robotnik was deposed, the Statue of Freedom was built there. It was later destroyed by a missile belonging to Mad Ferret.

The Zone went unnoticed for years, until it was targeted by the Neo Metallix during the Mega Mack bombings in Sonic the Comic Online. Despite Sonic's best efforts, part of the Zone was blanketed with the chemical and rendered uninhabitable.

In an area not affected by the pollution, Bobby Boomer, the Zone's oldest resident, continues to live with his family and friends.


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