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Green Envy is a complete Amy & Tekno story that first appeared in Issue 125 of Sonic the Comic.



The Emerald Hill Zone is playing host to Enviro-Fete '98, a fayre that sees inventors producing creations that are friendly to the environment. Things aren't going well, with Roger Bodge displaying a self-warming bath and Tyson Dense missing the point with a vehicle designed to cut down trees. However, Tekno the Canary is instantly given first prize with her solar-powered Hover Scooter. Bodge congratulate his fellow entrant, Amy Rose glad that "non-winners" can take defeat maturely. Unfortunately, Dense has taken offense to his snub and chases down the heroes in his machine. Hopping on her scooter, the girls take fight into the forest, but the trees are easily cut down by Dense. An insect is then pulled away from his picnic when a tree almost flattens him. Fed up, Amy takes out her crossbow and fires it at the chasing vehicle, easily finding a weak spot and destroying it. The subsequent explosion sees Dense fly into Bodge's dirty bath water.


  • Bodge last appeared in Weather Beaten and made his last appearance here.
  • Tekno won first prize, presumably before the Enviro-Fete judges had even seen everything. The decision was also made only by the bird, not conferring with his fellow judge.


This story was reprinted in Issue 222.


The previous Amy & Tekno story was The Lump. This was their last STC story, although they would next appear together in Yesterday's Heroes. The series returned in Sonic the Comic Online with Revolutionary.