The Great War begins!

The Great War is a series of conflicts that occured over 8,000 years ago between the echidnas of Megopolis City and the invading Drakon Empire. Although no victor was ever declared, the failure of the Drakons to claim their intended prize suggests the Mobian defence held out, albeit at a great cost.


The Drakon Empire had established themselves as a dominating force across the galaxy, conquering all planets in their wake and colonising them to spread their reign. In this time, scientists on Drak had created Chaos energy, a powerful but highly unstable energy source. None of the planets they owned had a vessel capable of storing such energy, so the Drakons continued their universal conquests. One day, the Drakons happened upon Mobius' Emerald mines and began watching the planet for several months. One day, they invaded, taking control of the mines and stole seven Emeralds. The gems, when combined with the Chaos energy, formed the legendary Chaos Emeralds.

Two days before the war began, Pochacamac, leader of the Megopolis tribe, managed to steal the sacred Emeralds back from the Drakons, both to keep to return them to their true home and to prevent the Drakons from conquering the entire galaxy. Angered, the Drakons sent out a scout to examine the Echidna defenses before sending a full-scale invasion force to claim the Emeralds. A battle erupted inside Pochacmac's command room, with Drakon Prosecutors and Sentinels fighting against Sonic the Hedgehog and echidnas armed with Guardian Robots. The fight was briefly interrupted when a Prosecutor struck the Emeralds with his Dimensional Staff, causing a chain reaction that turned a fallen Drakon warrior into the mighty Chaos. The ensuing explosion weakened the gathered Drakon soldiers enough for Knuckles and the other tribesmen to fight back while Sonic and Pochacmac took care of Chaos. After a final push, the echidnas drove the Drakon invaders out of the city, but the war was far from over.

Things got progressively worse for the echidnas. Tikal was sacrificed in order for the Chaos monster to be kept at bay, forever trapping her with the fearsome beast; the new Guardian robot prototype, designed to copy his enemies, helped defeat Chaos but then went berserk, turning on the echidnas. Years later, with echidna numbers dwindling, Pochacamac wished to have the "final victory" and made a deal with spirit Vichama - as long as Knuckles' essence remained within the Guardian Emerald, there would always be a guardian to protect the Chaos Emeralds. Unfortunately, Vichama enjoyed his new-found immortality too much and murdered thousands of echidnas. Eventually, Pochacamac merely trapped Vichama in the body of a fallen echidna, allowing Knuckles to remain as guardian for thousands of years.


In modern-day Mobius, no echidnas exist other than Knuckles, Tikal (released from her prison but robbed of her memories by Ebony) and the villainous Doctor Zachary, although it has been suggested that the scientist knows of the location of other surviving echidnas away from the Floating Island. Knuckles continues to protect the island from all invaders, including against two Drakon attempts to retrieve the Emeralds. No longer immortal after destroying the Guardian Emerald and defeating Vichama, Knuckles continues to protect the gems on his last life, but lost several of them when he reached old age.

The ghosts of fallen warriors from the Great War resided at the Temple of Tikal until the site was destroyed by the reappearance of Vichama's Temple. Other ghosts exist in the Haunted Hill Zone, with Buddy believing them to be the ghosts of his own people.

The Aquatic Ruin Zone is actually the remains of the Drakon's old base, and a lone Sentinel was abandoned there. Another base was on Flickies' Island; the Drakons left a Mobius Ring there (which allowed the Flickies to migrate to Mobius) so that the locals could one day find and experiment with it, at which point the aliens would know Mobius was a potential threat once more.

The Chaos Emeralds were split into two pairs, with the Grey Emerald hidden on the Floating Island and passed into legend. Six of the Emeralds were hidden in an old base in the Emerald Hill Zone, giving the Zone its name. Shadow was found with the Emeralds but doesn't know which side created him.



  • The Archie Comics also featured a Great War, but it took place in modern times, and the echidnas weren't involved.
  • This event is similar to the Archie Comic's Days of Fury.
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