Graphic Zone (originally the Graphics Zone) was a feature in Sonic the Comic that showcased Boomers' artwork. The page was originally created in Issue 4 to publish some of the art that couldn't fit in Speedlines, but eventually became the most regular feature of them all, outlasting Speedlines and into the fully-reprint run. Most editions were based on a certain theme (usually mentioned in the subtitle) with all drawings loosely resembling that idea. Issue 63 began the trend of renaming the Graphic Zone to whatever the theme was ("Ghoulish Graphic Zone" in that instance) but it wasn't until Issue 71's "Cupid Zone" that the name Graphic Zone was completely removed. The Issue 120 redesign saw the feature return to its subtitled days and would keep this up until Sonic the Comic was cancelled.

Like Speedlines, people who got their drawings featured would receive a prize. The first edition saw readers winning the same as in the letters section (a Sonic 2 Badge), while it would be replaced by the free gift from Issue 2 when the feature became more regular. From Issue 53, readers would now get more art-related prizes, such as the Crayola Overwriters that were replaced by Crayola Mini Stampers in Issue 83. Issue 113 saw the arty gifts replaced by variations on the Sonic the Hedgehog watch. Winners would get a digital version, but anyone could send off for an analogue one for just £9.99!

The Graphic Zone returned in Sonic the Comic Online in various formats. Ever since its conception, visitors to the Message Zone have been encouraged to post their stories and artwork, with some STC-O artists getting their break thanks to this very method. There were initally different forum areas to post art and text, but they were eventually consolidated into today's Graphics Zone. The feature never made it into STC-O proper until Issue 249 with a competition for drawings that capture the "STC spirit". This was resolved in the next issue, with Saku, Marcus Stockley and Pete Murphy getting their art featured, among others. Issue 251 featured propaganda posters in line with the ongoing war (although all had been featured in the Message Zone, including Matt Dittmer's three pieces.

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