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Grand Chief Whip is a portly rooster and supreme leader of the Doctor Robotnik Appreciation Tribe. He (usually) conducts himself in a high-class manner and wears formal robes and a chain from which hangs the Golden Nose of Doctor Robotnik, the symbol of his organisation. He and D.R.A.T. made their first appearance in STC Issue 103 in the Sonic's World story, Crawling From the Wreckage.


Grand Chief Whip established the D.R.A.T. organisation in the Metropolis Zone, beneath the ruins of Citadel Robotnik. There, he inducted new followers into his group and armed them with weapons left over in the Citadel's armoury. His temple was discovered by the Freedom Fighters, however, and so he and his followers abandoned it and scattered across Mobius, conducting numerous acts of terrorism and civil unrest. Whip would personally oversee several D.R.A.T. operations, including the kidnapping of Norris Wimple and an attack on the Freedom Fighters' Control Centre. At some point, Whip and his top lieutenants established an island base which would later be located by the Kintobor Computer. Although the base was protected by an energy field that disabled any electronic devices that came near the island, Tails and Charmy Bee were able to land after taking turns flying each other there with their own wings/tails. Whip and his comrades attacked the heroes in high-tech battlesuits and almost killed Charmy. However, Tails had snuck away and into the D.R.A.T. bunker, reversing the polarity of their energy field and shutting down all systems on the island, including the battlesuits. Whip was arrested and, for a time, it was believed the the Doctor Robotnik Appreciation Tribe had been dissolved. This later turned out to be false as Whip would later return leading the League of Super-Evil Villains and D.R.A.T. continued to operate without him.