Grabber 75

Art by Carl Flint.

Grabbers are second-generation Badniks modelled on a tarantula. They tend to be stationed in underground areas or inside Robotnik's facilities. Grabbers usually hang from ceilings and wait for intruders to pass under them. When a target is in reach, the Grabber will drop down and grasp the victim with its eight legs, holding them captive. Grabbers often self-destruct once they have a victim, blowing themselves up and the unfortunate captive.

Grabber Badniks are based on the enemy from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Mega Drive, located in the Chemical Plant Zone. They first appeared in Issue 10 of Sonic the Comic.


*In Issue 75 story Fox On The Run, two Grabber Badniks save Tails and Tantrum the Mouse from falling into a lava pool, only so that they can eat them. At no other point in STC or Sonic the Comic Online has it been mentioned whether or not Badniks eat, however, it stands to reason that any Badnik with a Mobian trapped inside would require sustenance in order to keep their organic batteries running. In this story, of course, Tails and Tantrum escape since the two Grabbers began arguing over how to eat them. The two Badniks were left to feed on cavern mould again.


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