Gordon Robson is a letterer who worked for Sonic the Comic. He largely replaced Steve Potter as the fourth regular letterer, although his stories were less frequent. Away from STC, Robson also lettered strips for Transformers, GI Joe, Buster and other Fleetway publications.


Issues Story Series
Issue 93 Season of Goodwill Sonic's World
Issue 95 Out for a Spin Amy Rose
Issue 96 Furtual Reality Tails
Issue 97 Boiling Point Sonic's World
Issue 100 The Final Victory: Part 4 Sonic's World
Issue 118 Face to Face Double Sonic
Issue 120 Riot Resolution Sonic the Hedgehog
Issue 120 to Issue 121 Breakout Amy & Tekno
Issue 124 The Lump Amy & Tekno
Issue 125 Fashion Victims Tails
Issue 126 to Issue 127 Taking the Plunge Double Sonic
Issue 126 Desert Fox Tails
Issue 129 Fights, Camera Action Amy Rose
Issue 131 Making the News Tails
Issue 132 Vane Hopes Amy Rose
Issue 135 The Sky's The Limit Tails
Issue 136 Prehistoric Ways Amy Rose
Issue 138 Doctor Genius Tails
Issue 139 Bite Back Tails

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