Art by Carl Flint and John M Burns

The Golden Handshake is an exhibit on display in the Eldorado Zone's Museum of Arty Art. As the name suggests, the trophy resembles two hands clasped together, made of gold.

The exhibit was one of several items stolen during a crime spree by Loot the Treasure Seeker. Following his successful capture of the Bronze Monkey, Loot once again entered the museum during daylight hours and the chameleon remained invisible until closing time. In full view of the curator, Tails and Harry Mole, Loot stole the Golden Handshake and disappeared again. Outside, Tails sussed his plan and forced him to become visible. Loot tried to escape but tripped over Mole's molehill. The Golden Handshake flew out of his hands and was later retrieved by the museum's curator.


  • A golden handshake is a clause in a contract that provides a substantial pay-off when fired or made redundant.


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