Art by Nigel Dobbyn

The Ghost Ship of Tantaragor is a Tantaror flying vessel that resided on Mobius. The ship was run by three Orkym-Ro followers until it was destroyed by Ekkletos. The ship gets its name from its ghostly appearance and that Plunder declared it was "deserted".


Following the death of evil priest Orkym-Ro, three of his followers planned to build a giant stone monument to ease his passing into the afterlife. To do this, they stole the Ghost Ship and used the Tantaragor Idol to transport themselves to Mobius. Once there, they kidnapped many Mobians and used them as slaves to build the monument.

Hearing about the idol, Captain Plunder ordered his Sky Pirates to pursue the ship. After soaring higher than ever before, they eventually glimpsed it behind some clouds, but a bolt of lightning struck their own ship and forced them to crash-land on the Floating Island. Plunder offered Knuckles the Echidna a chest containing documents about the island if the echidna would raise the island up to where the Ghost Ship was sighted. Knuckles agreed and levelled off with the alien vessel. The pirates then connected lines to their target and rappelled across, with Knuckles joining them. They soon discovered the idol but were discovered by the returning Tantator, who had also captured more slaves. The Sky Pirates attempted to fight back but many were killed whilst trying to escape. The other hid in the dungeon with the other slaves, until Plunder operated the idol, taking the visitors back to Scourge Bay.

Some time later, Ekkletos accidentally summoned Knuckles, Plunder, Zorabel and other pirates to his dimension, intending to summon the rogue Tantaror. Knuckles explained the situation and his desire to rescue the slaves, so Ekkletos allowed the echidna to return to the ship. On board, Knuckles suffered a terrible defeat to the aliens, but the mission was merely a decoy whilst Ekkletos used the idol to bring the Ghost Ship back to the Tantaror dimension. Ekkletos tore the ship apart, keeping everyone inside afloat with his own powers.


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