Art by Roberto Corona and Steve White

Gerry Corfu was a television cook on Mobius. Wishing to remain as the "numero uno chef", Corfu sabotaged the dishes of other popular chefs, such as Galloping Graeme and the Two Skinny Llamas, and let them pin the blame on each other. After a large food fight, Tails learned that Corfu was missing and tracked him down to his studio, where the chef had just created the world's biggest trifle. Corfu accidentally revealed he was responsible for sabotaging everyone's meals, so knocked Tails into his pudding. The fox managed to escape and splattered him with his own ingredients. Corfu's producer arrived to fire the top cook, but Corfu received no further punishment.


  • Corfu is a parody of Gary Rhodes, a real TV chef.
  • It is unknown what species Corfu is. From the waist up, he appears human.


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