Art by Roberto Corona and John M Burns

The Gateway to Infra-Space is a teleporter that allows instant transportation from one planet to another, provided one knows the co-ordinates of their destination. It was co-developed by Professor Cratermass and Tekno the Canary but is currently out of action.


Cratermass had been creating the gateway for some time, hoping to visit other planets. The teleporter itself was complete, but Cratermass was unable to finish the data for his project. He was then distracted when Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary crash-landed on Planet Earth. Amy wanted a way home, so Cratermass presented the gateway, only to reveal his lack of compiled data. Fortunately, Tekno was computer-literate enough to understand the technology and began to add her input. Unfortunately, she was interrupted by Colonel Granite, who believed she was trying to contact an invasion fleet.

After escaping from Operation Starwatch, the girls returned to Cratermass' house. Tekno and the professor worked rapidly and their teamwork paid off when the teleporter beamed into life. Amy and Tekno quickly jumped through the gateway and materialised in Tekno's Workshop on Mobius. Back on Earth, Cratermass deleted all of Tekno's input so that Granite could not use the gateway for his own means. It is unknown whether or not Cratermass could remember any of Tekno's data to restore the gateway.


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