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Gangster Trap is a 2-part Amy Rose story that began in Issue 154 of Sonic the Comic. It is the final stop in the Eternity Ring story arc before the return home.



After travelling through the Fourth-and-a-Half Dimension for months, Amy and Tekno the Canary are preparing to enter their new world. Tekno wonders if they are going home, but end up on a grey world and are immediately involved in a drive-by shooting. The assailant warns them that the streets belong to "Mister Big" and even the public aren't keen to see the heroes. Tekno informs Amy that her scanners says that the planet is unpopulated, with an alarmed Amy telling her to reboot it. Amy then ponders where to find a police officer and the girls are instantly greeted by one around the corner. However, the detective in charge seems to have found "Pinky McGee and Feathers the Beak" and takes them to the police station. In a small room, the detective questions Amy, asking where she "stashed the diamonds". As the girls wonder why they've landed in a gangster film, Tekno vows to change the script by flying them both out of the room.

Now wanted by gangsters and police, the girls come across a private eye being hassled by Al and another crook. Amy fights them off, but an ungrateful detective runs away without thanking them. The situation takes a turn for the weird when more gangsters appear - from inside the walls. Cornered, they are shocked when "Mister Big" arrives in his car - and is Max Gamble! The lizard reveals that he was on the run from the police on Mobius and was hiding in the Snowcap Mountain Zone when he saw Amy and Tekno enter the Ring of Eternity. Gamble followed them, but ended up on this planet.

Before long, Gamble orders his goons to trap the girls in barrels of concrete and are to be pushed out into the sea. Fortunately, the barrels simply disappear but Tekno is worried about the crooks they now have to fight. Amy, however, has sussed the planet's secret; they are on a Wish World, where thoughts become reality, so the girls quickly wish away the thugs. Gamble creates some more and the girls even the odds by conjuring up some superheroes. The subsequent battle of the minds is too tough for Gamble and the entire world disappears when his head begins to hurt. As the planet reverts to its normal state, Gamble vows to create an intergalactic empire to conquer the universe but Tekno stops him by wishing up a way home. Back in the limbo dimension, the trio embark on their final journey home.


  • Tekno's scanner states that the planet is unpopulated, despite at least Gamble living there, plus the girls being there. However, Gamble may be wishing that the scanner fails to work.
  • Gamble was said to be on the run from the police. His last appearance was in the very issue before the Eternity Ring appeared but he didn't seem to be in legal trouble then. (though he was sending people off to die, so it's not too suprising)
  • Gamble knows the name of the Ring of Eternity, but wasn't seen to hear it (unless he overheard the girls' conversation with it).


The previous Amy Rose strip was Treasure Seeker. The next is Full Circle, which is a direct continuation of this one.