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Art by Richard Elson

The Game Over story arc is the unofficial name for a story arc that includes strips Planet in Peril!, The Terra Connection and the titular Game Over. The series of stories revolves around Doctor Robotnik's alliance with The Plax and the subsequent collapse of Mobius' environment.



It's Christmas Day on Mobius and everyone in the Emerald Hill Zone is enjoying a peaceful holiday without Robotnik. The ex-dictator himself is lurking in one of the New Zones, having decided that he no longer wants to rule over the planet, preferring to just destroy it. These words excite a waiting Plax, believing Robotnik to be their spiritual leader. Back in the Emerald Hill Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog and Tekno the Canary have been called to the Control Centre. The Kintobor Computer attempts to inform them of serious energy disruptions in the planet, but shuts down when a storm hits outside. Sonic is called to the rescue when a Christmas tree falls towards the Emerald Hill folk before Tekno reveals it died from an anti-life virus.

Sonic is soon forced into battle against a snowman that is actually just a collection of microbots disguised by the snow. By accident, Sonic destroys it when his Sonic-Cyclone diverts a bolt of lightning into it. Sonic soon assembles Tekno, Tails, Amy Rose and Shortfuse the Cybernik to head off and find a way to reverse damage to the environment. Tails stays behind to protect the people and is quickly joined by Knuckles the Echidna when the village begins to fall apart. Not far away, Tekno has detected "weird vibes" from within the Ring of Eternity, so the gang head through.

The team end up on Easter Island, Planet Earth, where Tekno detects energy loss coming from underground. A bigger priority is the awakening of the Moai, the island's watching statues. Sonic quickly smashes them to bits with a Spin Attack, but things go badly when they rebuild themselves. While Sonic and Shortfuse struggle against the beasts, Amy and Tekno venture into a fissure in the ground, discovering a machine that seems to be controlling the statues. Tekno reveals that the device is also diverting the planet's energy into one of Mobius' new Zones, but all Amy can do is destroy it with her crossbow. Outside, the statues crumble to dust, so the gang follow the energy signature into the Ring of Eternity in order to end the problems.

Game Over

In Robotnik's base, the Plax are looking forward to destroying all life on Mobius, but the Doctor isn't interested. When they discover that the energy flow from Earth has been disrupted, Grimer heads outside to warn the Freedom Fighters of his master's intentions. Robotnik's servants soon converge on the heroes and launch into a fight. When Tekno's plan to melt them all together fails, Grimer tells them all how senseless the fight is and reveals to the aliens of Robotnik's true intentions. By scanning his brain, the Plax discover his words to be true and head off to destroy their false God. Robotnik uses his new powers stolen from the twin planets to completely eradicate the Plax and Sonic is soon at his mercy when he rushes in to face his oldest foe.

The Emerald Hill Zone has suffered complete environmental collapse and Sonic's situation isn't looking too good. He is eventually rescued by Shortfuse, but Robotnik gets his revenge on his worst creation by almost killing him. Sonic removes Robotnik's energy flow by disconnecting his cables but Robotnik is already too fast and pummels Sonic. The other heroes prove just as ineffective, with Robotnik rapidly aging them. With Robotnik completely insane, the only way to defeat him is for Shortfuse to wire himself up to his machine and will the planet to remove the damage Robotnik has done. As Sonic beats up a once-again mortal Robotnik, the pressure gets too much for Shortfuse and he completely smashes open his armour.

Life begins to return to Mobius and Robotnik's cavern starts to collapse. The Freedom Fighters escape but Robotnik insists that Grimer help him fix the machine, getting them both caught in the subsequent rockfall. The heroes are starting to enjoy a new era on Mobius, with the planet looking even more refreshed than it's ever been and Shorty is free to enjoy his old life.


  • This story arc was the final one to be written by Lew Stringer.
  • Nigel Kitching originally planned to have Robotnik go mad in the Chaos story arc, but revised his plans because of the events of Game Over.


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