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Art by Richard Elson

Not to be confused with the Game Over story arc.

Game Over is a 2-part Sonic the Hedgehog story.



The Plax have succeeded in creating a devastating machine for Doctor Robotnik, one that can suck all the life from the planet (and from Earth). Soon, both planets would completely dead, ready to seed with Plax android life-forms. A snag appears when the energy flow from Earth is disrupted (thanks to Sonic's efforts last issue. Speaking of which, Sonic, Shortfuse the Cybernik, Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary appear back on Mobius thanks to the Ring of Eternity. They recognise it as a New Zone and wonder whether if Robotnik is behind all the destruction. They're proved right with the appearance of Robotnik's "creepy assistant", Grimer. The scientist is desperate; his master has gone mad, trying to destroy the world and all life on it. Sonic's beaten Robotnik before, but the tyrant has help this time.

The Plax, Sonic's old enemy from his time on Shanazar, have shown up and are ready for a fight. Shortfuse is confused as to why his blaster won't work, but Sonic reveals they can rebuild themselves, just like the statues on Easter Island. Shortfuse then melts them and Sonic mixes them together, "just like using a food blender", but mixing them up makes no difference - they work together as one unified mind. Grimer brings the fight to a halt, revealing to the aliens that Robotnik plans to destroy everyone, including them. They are skeptical, but one android reads Grimer's mind, proving his statement. The collective Plax rush to destroy Robotnik. Unfortunately, the all-powerful Robotnik senses this and destroys them with his new powers. With them dead, Sonic rushes in to tackle Robotnik head-on, but sees the effects of his life-sucking machine on the planet. Before he can do anything about it, God-Robotnik appears behind him, grabs him and begins to crush him.

Back in the Emerald Hill Zone, the survivors of the environmental collapse struggle to find shelter, aided by Tails and Knuckles the Echidna. Elsewhere, Amy, Shortfuse and Tekno rush to find Sonic who rushed off without them. Sonic isn't doing so well, so the appearance of Shortfuse and his blaster is a welcome one. Robotnik retorts with blasters of his own - in his eyes. Sonic isn't impressed, aiming to keep this battle between the two of them. In anger, Sonic removes the energy cables from Robotnik's body, ending the influx of power. It's too late though, as Robotnik punches Sonic into a wall. Not finished, he begins to suck the life out of Amy and Tekno with a single thought. His attention turns back to Sonic, revealing that he wants to destroy Mobius, since the people "has their chance to become mindless Badniks" and they "blew it." Just as Robotnik moves to finish Sonic, the former dictator begins to shrink and lose power. Shortfuse has connected himself to the machine and wills it to reverse all that has been done (stopping short of reviving The Plax). Sonic gets the upper hand in his fight, as Shortfuse's armour breaks due to the pressure, revealing Shorty!

As new life seems to appear from nowhere outside, the cavern that has seen all the action is starting to cave in. Sonic and the gang flee in time, but Grimer is forced to help Robotnik repair the machine, leaving them both trapped when the ceiling eventually falls. With life back to normal all over Mobius, Shorty plans to live a normal life once more, with Tekno ready to build him new armour should he need it. Whatever happens, Sonic's ready for more dangerous action!


  • This story is the last one written by Lew Stringer. Since Nigel Kitching's removal from the comic, Stringer had been the lone writer. However, Kitching was brought back for the last ten stories, which followed this one.
  • With the departure of Lew, also came the departure of his two biggest creations, Tekno and Shortfuse. They would return, however, in Sonic the Comic Online.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was The Terra Connection. The following story is The Coming of Chaos!.