Future Shock is a 3-part Sonic's World story which began in Issue 86 of Sonic the Comic.


Script: Lew Stringer
Art: Roberto Corona
Colouring: Andy Pritchett
Lettering: Tom Frame


Another day, another Badnik attack, but the Freedom Fighters are on hand to take them out. Two of the Badniks try to escape, but Sonic gives chase and destroys them, falling into a swamp in the process. Before the others can rescue Sonic however, a light blue blur rushes in and retrieves him. An elderly hedgehog stands before them and proclaims himself to be Sonic from fifty years in the future. Sonic is unconvinced, thinking he works for Robotnik but the future Sonic persists, saying he's come to warn them: Mobius is doomed, until the Freedom Fighters change their methods soon. Despite both his and Tails' unusual experiences with time travel, Sonic is still unsure, and takes the future Sonic to a laboratory in the Chemical Plant Zone. After a few tests, all assembled are stunned to learn that the elderly hedgehog really is an older version of Sonic.

Sonic is quick to point out that things like this have happened before (and thinks the future Sonic is Metamorphia, despite her losing her powers a few issues ago), but the future Sonic begins his story. When he was younger, Robotnik unleashed a large drill-like weapon upon the Candlewick Green Zone. Sonic led the Freedom Fighters into battle, but Tails, Amy, Johnny and even Shortfuse were swiftly obliterated by a huge laser blast. All that remained were Amy's scorched trainers when the Troopers arrived. A stunned Sonic offered no resistance, and became a prisoner of Robotnik's for years while he ravaged Mobius even more, the hedgehog's escape attempts all failing except the last one, at which point he ran so fast he broke the time barrier. Future Sonic heads out to try and alter history, to destroy the weapon before its completed. The Freedom Fighters go with him, but the present Sonic stays behind, convinced that future Sonic is a fake. Some time later, the heroes are searching the caves beneath the Candlewick Green Zone, but Amy feels like something is wrong. Future Sonic bores through a wall of rock, where he immediately delivers the Freedom Fighters to his waiting master and the Troopers. Sonic's suspicions have been confirmed: the future Sonic, indeed, works for Robotnik.

The future Sonic tells them the only hope for peace is to follow Robotnik, him having seen how they die, at which point Robotnik bursts out laughing. He and Grimer reveal that the future Sonic is actually a clone, created from a cell sample Robotnik took when Sonic was captured. In a twist of fate, the clone aged too rapidly, thus the dictator implanted him with a false memory. The clone sprints out of the cave, knocking out a few Troopers, and manages to escape, though the others are trapped when the cell door closes after the clone. A few miles away, Sonic is worried about his friends, and the exhausted clone arrives to confirm his fears. The hedgehogs head off to rescue the Freedom Fighters, and soon find them being led off by the Troopers. A mech piloted by Robotnik appears, and Sonic takes out the Troopers while the clone deals with Robotnik's mech. The clone gives up, too exhausted to fight any more, and Robotnik makes his escape. When the Freedom Fighters find the clone, he has collapsed. Sonic forgives the clone as he dies, and soon the wrinkled hedgehog has transformed into pure energy. As the heroes watch the energy dissipate, they reflect upon their hopes for the future.


  • In some prints of Future Shock, the lettering from page 3 of part 3 is printed again on page 4. This naturally creates some unusual dialogue for the characters on page 4....
  • It may or may not be a coincidence that this story, involving cloning, should appear in STC, while the Clone Saga was in full swing in Spider-Man at the same time.
  • In part 2, Tails notes that the clone hasn't called him 'Pixel-Brain' yet, when he clearly calls him that in part 1.


This story was reprinted from Issue 207 to Issue 209.


The previous Sonic's World story was Scream Theme Park. The next story is A New Hope.

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