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Full Circle is a complete Amy Rose story in Issue 156 of Sonic the Comic.



After capturing Max Gamble in the Wish World, Amy and Tekno the Canary have decided to end their adventure and are bringing the criminal back to Mobius. However, despite returning through the Ring of Eternity, the girls notice they are not in the Snowcap Mountain Zone. They are dismayed when the voice of Fabian Vane greets them to the Blueberry Hill Zone. His fans are about to send him on an "Around the Dimensions" tour so that other worlds can enjoy his music. However, Amy and Tekno realise the danger he might face and warns him that his "fans" are just trying to get rid of him. Realising that the girls are trying to save Vane, the aggressors begin a brawl. Gamble tries to slip away, but a gorilla mistakes him as being on the heroes' side and attempts to thump him. Unfortunately, the burly primate hits the Ring of Eternity instead and knocks it off its pedestal. It then begins to roll down the hill, bumping into several small rocks before smashing into pieces at the bottom.

With the gateway destroyed, the "fans" leave. However, Tekno remembers that the Ring has magic powers and thinks they can rebuilt it. Bribing him with a reduced prison sentence, Amy convinces Gamble to join in the hard work and everyone, including Vane, picks up all the pieces and fits them back together again. Sure enough, the Ring finishes the job by repairing itself and thanks Amy and Tekno for their hard work. Later, Gamble is taken to prison, Vane visits the "seamstress to the stars" and the girls prepare for more adventures on Mobius.


  • The title of the story is a play on the Ring of Eternity's shape, as well as the act of returning to the beginning of something.


The previous Amy Rose story was Gangster Trap. This is the final Amy story in Sonic the Comic, but the next one to appear is Amy vs Tekno in Sonic the Comic Online.