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The Freedom Fighters were originally a resistance group, opposing Doctor Robotnik's dictatorial rule of planet Mobius. After The Final Victory, they became a general-purpose superhero group. By the time of The Battle for Mobius, the group had ceased to exist as a formal entity, but the term "freedom fighters" came back during the war as an informal term for the former members and any allied agents.

The Freedom Fighters, as drawn by Mike Hadley

The original members of the team were Sega-created characters (Porker Lewis and Johnny Lightfoot having been based on the animals rescued at the end of the game levels).

While they're the only such group to have used the name "Freedom Fighters", other freedom-fighting groups did exist; the Underground Movement and the Flock are the most known groups, staying confined to the Odour Zone and Chemical Plant Zone respectively, while nomadic rebels called Zonerunners would cover a wider area and the Sky Pirates targeted Robotnik's shipping. The Freedom Fighters, however, remain the most famous group.


The original Freedom Fighters consisted of Sonic the Hedgehog (the leader and founder), Miles "Tails" Prower, Porker Lewis, and Johnny Lightfoot. These four individuals had been transported six months into the future by Robotnik (who had taken control of the Omni-Viewer to perform the task), only to find that Robotnik had conquered the planet in their absence. The Freedom Fighters were introduced as a team a short time later. The team was supported by the Kintobor Computer, which possessed the knowledge and personality of Doctor Robotnik's original form, Doctor Ovi Kintobor.

Amy Rose also joined the team after she became a target for Robotnik. Amy would swiftly rise in importance, eventually coming to serve as leader in Sonic's absences.

A later recruit would be the hot-headed Shortfuse the Cybernik, originally an ally of the group; through him, scientific genius Tekno joined the team. While Tekno remained a member, Shortfuse proved unable to work as part of a team and left in anger after he'd almost let Johnny die to carry out a grudge match.

The Freedom Fighters originally operated out of a subterranean base, which had once been the laboratory belonging to Doctor Ovi Kintobor. When this base was discovered and destroyed by Robotnik (thanks to Knuckles the Echidna), they instead roamed Mobius disguised as Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus (the Kintobor Computer was preserved by coding its core program onto one of Mobius' Power Rings). This base was lost as well when Super Sonic destroyed it during a rampage. In their last days before Robotnik's defeat, they operated out of Tekno's secret underground lab. Once he was defeated and Mobius was freed, the need for secrecy had passed and the Freedom Fighters established an open, public base called the Control Centre in the Emerald Hill Zone. The Control Centre would serve as the hub of the Freedom Fighters until it was destroyed during The Battle For Mobius.

Members had been slowly whittled away over the years: Porker Lewis quit after a nervous breakdown, Johnny was killed in battle, Tekno and Shorty went missing in Solstice, and Sonic was framed as a supervillain in the eyes of the world. At the moment, the only remaining Freedom Fighters were Tails (who is now acting as the "hero of Mobius") and Amy, who still seems to be a sort of leader. Other groups using the term "Freedom Fighters" have been seen in the Turquoise Hill Zone (251's Breaking News! ticker) and the Casino Night Zone ("Vane Hopes"). Possible new Freedom Fighters include the Ultimax and Big the Cat, whose café contains one a base for the heroes. A hanger-on is Chrysalis (although she is really just a friend of Amy).

There is also the possibility that a sixth core member once existed, going by the name of Cedric the Elephant. In his sole appearance (The Elephant in the Room), it is suggested that Cedric is a Freedom Fighter who nobody ever noticed.


Freedom Fighters
Current Members: Tails - Amy Rose - Tekno the Canary - Cedric the Elephant - Big the Cat - Chrysalis - Kintobor Computer

Former Members: Sonic the Hedgehog - Johnny Lightfoot - Porker Lewis - Shortfuse the Cybernik

Other Groups: The Ultimax - The Flock - Turquoise Hill Freedom Fighters - Underground Movement - Sky Pirates - Household Keepers - Chaotix Crew - Scrap Mobians - Dolphin Resort Freedom Fighters - Bounder Brigade

Honorary Members: Knuckles the Echidna - Mark & Sparks