Marko with his football. Art by Gary Andrews.

Football (known as soccer in the United States and several other countries) is a ball game played in almsot every country around the world. The sport is a relatively simple game on the outside of things, with two teams of varying numbers of players attempting to kick a spherical ball of leather into the opponent's "goal". The team with the highest number of "goals" by the end of the match is the winner.

Planet Earth is the birthplace of football and its influence has spread to Mobius in Sonic the Comic. There are several mentions of the sport in the main universe and in Sega Superstars comics:

  • Tails is seen playing with an old-style football in Double Trouble, which he quickly manages to lose in the bushes.
  • Norris Wimple, at one point in his nerdy career, measured the sizes of footprints left by football players after giving up his hobby of Badnik spotting.
  • Football Lazy is an entire story dedicated to corrupt fooball manager Ronnie Dribble, who steals Sonic's powers and gives them to his team, Shinpadzio, in an attempt to lead his fat, lazy players to cup glory. The plan fails and Dribble is fired and arrested.
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