Flyzipper 108

Flyzippers are fourth-generation Badniks and the most commonly used model since Dr. Robotnik began operating out of Flickies' Island. Unlike most Badniks, the Flyzipper is not modelled on any insect or any member of the animal kingdom. It appears to be a small spherical drone with a turbofan engine on either side and stubby wings stretching out from them. On the robot's underside is a pulse blaster that almost gives it the appearance of having a mouth. The Flyzipper also has a hidden compartment in its backside, from which emerges a small arm for carrying objects or even a person.


  • It is unknown if "Flyzipper" is the Badnik's official name as the name was only mentioned once by Norris Wimple when he had taken up Badnik-spotting as a hobby. He tended to make up Badnik serial numbers so he could tick them off.


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