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The Floating Island is a large landmass that hangs in the skies above Mobius. How it originally came to be that way has never been revealed, but it is kept aloft by the power of the Chaos Emeralds. The Floating Island was once the home of the ancient Echidna race and is protected by the last member of that race - Knuckles the Echidna. The island first appeared in Sonic the Summer Special.

Zones & Locales

The Floating Island consists of several locations and different ecosystems, each with its own wonders and secrets. All of the island's Zones are connected by a network of underground tunnels and Zoom Tubes that allow Knuckles to travel all over the island with ease.

Emerald Chamber

The nerve centre of the Floating Island. It is here that the Chaos Emeralds are kept and where Knuckles can survey different areas of the island and operate its defensive functions. As well as the central chamber containing the Chaos Emeralds' well, there is also an adjacent study containing numerous documents and ancient texts regarding the island's many relics, and a monitor room to survey the different zones and watch out for possible threats. The chamber is just one room in the Hidden Palace.



Early days

It is currently unknown why the Floating Island came to be a floating island, but it does so with the power of the Chaos Emeralds. It is the Master Emerald that gives most of the lift and its absence would cause the island to fall. Delays have greatly varied in the past, with the missing Emerald causing the island to fall after some hours or almost immediately.


Most Mobians considered the Floating Island to be a "dumb legend", although faint shadows could sometimes be seen if the Sun was blocked at the right time. Robotnik discovered the island when his Death Egg fell out of orbit into the Ice Cap Zone and tricked the island's guardian, Knuckles, into thinking that the "villainous" Sonic the Hedgehog was after the Chaos Emeralds. When Sonic and Tails did visit the island (looking for Robotnik), Knuckles protected Robotnik. Even so, Robotnik was captured in a net tethered to Tails' Bi-plane and Knuckles left the island to track down his new master. After a confrontation in Kintobor's Laboratory, Knuckles and Robotnik returned to the island, with Sonic in hot pursuit. Robotnik eventually made his way to the Temple of Chaos, where he absorbed the power of the Chaos Emeralds. Knuckles brandished the missing Grey Emerald, taking back the Chaos energy and sending Robotnik back down to Mobius.

Keen to get over the betrayal, Knuckles travelled across the island in a bid to remove it of Robotnik's influence. He broke into the Launch Base Zone and learned that Robotnik had laid siege on his old base, now Sonic's. While Knuckles ventured down to help them, the Marxio Brothers built the Carnival Night Zone on the island and invited the Emerald Hill folk to come and visit. On his return, Knuckles was less than pleased but was convinced to let the brothers stay after a ride on the Hell House Ride. Chicio Marxio accidentally revealed that they worked for Robotnik, leading to Knuckles punching the whole Zone off the island.

Robotnik continued to use the island as his base, briefly using the Ice Cap Zone to test out his Inter-Zone Technology. His main aim, however, was to fix his Death Egg and carried out several operations that eventually saw his plans succeed. Sonic returned to the island to destroy the Death Egg, but several distractions saw him reach the base too late, leaving Sonic and Knuckles powerless to stop its relaunch. After escaping the crumbling Sky Sanctuary, Knuckles returned to his island and began to read sacred texts. Finally understanding them, Knuckles learned that he could steer the island and flew it towards the Death Egg, shooting it out of the sky. Sonic returned with the stolen Master Emerald, giving it to Knuckles in exchange for the Emerald Hill folk being allowed to stay.

Knuckles the babysitter

With the Floating Island now at full-power, Knuckles now had to look after the "Mushroom Hill folk". His duties were interrupted briefly after missions to the Special Zone and Nameless Zone, but he was soon shocked to find Doctor Zachary, another echidna. Unfortunately, Zachary proved to be a villain and used one of the Guardian Robots to absorb the power of the Master Emerald. When the island began to fall onto Mobius' mountains, Knuckles defeated Zachary and used his robot to keep the island in the sky. In an attempt to transfer power from the robot head into a new Master Emerald, the sentient robot attacked and destroyed much of the Emerald Chamber.

Fortunately, Knuckles was visited by Captain Plunder who agreed to provide Knuckles with a chest of documents concerning the Island if he should raise the landmass up to the Ghost Ship of Tantaragor. Knuckles agreed, beginning Knuckles' World Tour of Mobius and leaving the island unprotected. Upon his return, he and the Emerald Hill folk were captured and placed into a Biological Computer. Despite frantic efforts to defeat Robotnik and the returning Zachary, the people were only saved by an electromagnetic pulse from the Black Asteroid. With persuasion from Sidney, Knuckles lowered the island back down to Mobius and let the Emerald Hill folk return home.

Return of the Drakons

With help from Grimer, the Drakon Empire returned to the island in an attempt to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds stolen from them thousands of years ago. Sonic and Tails visited the island to protect, unaware that Knuckles was on an unintentional visit to the Special Zone. The situation looked increasingly bleak, with the heroes captured and unable to prevent the theft of the Emeralds. Knuckles eventually returned and witnessed Robotnik absorbing the Chaos energy once more. Although it initially looked like Robotnik's plan had failed, the ex-dictator eventually became a "God" and altered Mobius' history. Sonic was eventually returned to the Floating Island, where Knuckles returned to the side of evil. After being tricked by Sonic, Robotnik returned Knuckles to his former self, allowing the heroes to defeat him.

The island remained fairly safe after this, despite a brief attack from Ms Alpha and her team of thieves.


The release of Chaos led to the Floating Island coming under attack. The monster, thought to have been defeated, flew up to the island and began to absorb the Chaos Emeralds. With no other choice, Knuckles released the Emeralds, sending them to all corners of the planet. Without any power, the island crashed down into the sea. Sonic, Porker Lewis and Ebony soon ventured into the ocean to retrieve it, Sonic having to battle Zachary, Guardian Robots and the resurgence of Super Sonic before re-activated Guardian Robots could raise the island once more. Knuckles was soon informed but, before the Emeralds could return to their chamber and the island be lifted into the air, the Emeralds were stolen by Rouge the Bat before being warped to the Special Zone.

After dealing with The Syndicate, Knuckles took the Chaos Emeralds back to the Floating Island and finally took it back to the skies. Unfortunately, the Chaotix Crew had mortgaged the island to Hundred & Spindle, leading the debt-collectors to start reposession of it. Thanks to Sonic, the island was saved. The island was later used in an aerial assault against the New Robotnik Empire.


In the distant future, Knuckles has been shown to still protect the Floating Island. However, only three of the Chaos Emeralds were still on the island and the whole place was in a state of disrepair. Left to drift aimlessly around Mobius, Knuckles eventually agreed to give up his home and join Silver the Hedgehog on a mission for G.U.N..


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