Flickies are small birds that appear on the aptly named Flickies' Island. However, Flickies are not native to Mobius and actually originate from another dimension entirely. They have also been seen on the planet Drak, though it is unknown if this is their homeworld or just another world that the Flickies occasionally visit. Flickies have been known to travel between Mobius and Drak via the Mobius Rings, inter-dimensional portals used by the Drakon Empire. One such ring was left on Flickies' Island when the Drakons abandoned their camp there, and was later discovered by Dr. Robotnik when he began using the island as his base of operations. Robotnik discovered that the Flickies possessed a great deal of energy and decided to use them as organic batteries for his new generation of Badniks. These Flicky-powered robots were more resilient and sturdy than previous Badnik models, making them more difficult for Sonic to defeat.

Before this, Flickies could also be found living on Mobius, although these characters were simply other members of the Emerald Hill folk and could talk freely to Sonic and friends. The various designs could often be seen being released from Badniks.

Flickies' Island Flickies are said to talk in the unintelligible language of Tweet.

These days, Flickies are occasionally used as delivery birds. The Ultimax-Eye used them to help spread news about The Ultimax's exploits.



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