The fourth generation of Badniks created by Doctor Robotnik. With the collapse of RBR, the doctor went into hiding on Flickies' Island where he immediately began plotting his revenge against all of Mobius. There, he also discovered the Flickies and their extra-dimensional origins, and began capturing them to use them as organic batteries for his new Badnik army. These Badniks were stronger than his previous models thanks to the unique energies of the Flickies and came in a wide variety of forms. This line of Badniks was discontinued however, following Robotnik's disappearance in Issue 130.

List of Badniks

Though most of the Flickies' Island breed of Badniks were never named officially in the pages of STC, they have been listed here with names based on their physical descriptions and/or abilities.

  • Goblinoid - A squat humanoid robot with a goblin-like face and red eyes. They appeared in issues 105 and 106 when Sonic and Tails first discovered Robotnik's new base. Their bodies were completely grey, most likely because Robotnik hadn't gotten around to giving them paint jobs before Sonic invaded his base.
  • Bat Brain - A new model of the classic Bat Brain robot. This model was more spherical in shape and smaller, but surprisingly stronger. It would attack by biting foes or shooting them with the blaster in its mouth.
  • Caterkiller - Robotnik's classic Caterkiller Badnik renewed with the ability to dig beneath the ground and leap out at enemies.
  • Peabody - A rotund green Badnik. Two of these robots appeared in the Issue 107 story Bravehog chasing a hooded hyena.
  • Spida-sect - A Badnik that resembles a spider, though it only has six legs. It was capable of firing lasers from its eight eyes. Two of these robots accompanied Dr. Robotnik when he attacked the Freedom Fighters' Control Centre in Issue 108.
  • Flyzipper - The most commonly used 4th-gen Badniks. Spherical in shape and fly using twin turbofan engines. Armed with a pulse blaster and has an arm concealed in a hidden compartment in order to carry items or captives.
  • Balkiry II - A bird-like robot strongly resembling the original Balkiry Badnik. This model was smaller and was armed with electrolaser blasters.
  • Brain Bender - A humanoid Badnik with an orange paint job, a dome-shaped head and long cables for arms. It carried a stun blaster in its torso and the nodes on the end of its cable-arms could implant false images into a victim's brain. Sonic fought this robot in the Issue 112 story No Future, and was shown an illusion of a future Mobius where Robotnik's ideals had lived on for over a thousand years and the citizens enjoyed being bullied by their Badnik opressors. Sonic refused to accept the illusion and snapped out of it, destroying the Brain Bender in retaliation.
  • Bat-Cam - A mobile spy camera that flies on bat-like wings. One appeared in Issue 116 monitoring Sonic and Tails destroy a flock of Bat Brains in the Emerald Hill Zone.
  • Gnat - A small red Badnik with a creepy fanged face. Flies in large swarms and attacks with lasers. Appeared in the Issue 117 story Hot Legs. Another Badnik that resembles the Gnat appears on the cover of Issue 129, though that Badnik was green and larger than these ones.
  • Shroomhead - Flying Badniks that look rather like large grey mushrooms. A group of these robots attacked the Emerald Hill Zone in the Issue 118 story Face To Face. They are armed with laser blasters.
  • Flyby - Two of these Badniks appeared in Issue 118's Tails story, Tall Tails. They have white spherical bodies, red eyes and two arms. They have jet boosters for flight and fire lasers, but the robots are off-panel when shooting so it's unknown if the lasers are shot from their hands or eyes.
  • Nebuloid - Flying Badniks that appeared in Issue 119's Peace Of The Action story. To some STC readers, they may look like a combination of Nebula and Vermin. They have a purple and gold colour scheme and somewhat resemble the shape of Vermin's head. They fly using helicopter rotors on top of their heads, have two tentacles to grab enemies and a gun hanging beneath their undersides.
  • Sky-Gunner - A large, green ball of a Badnik. It is armed with twin machine-guns that emerge from its sides. Like the Flyzipper, it also has an arm concealed in an underside compartment for capturing Mobians or carrying objects. This robot appears in Issue 125's Tails story, Fashion Victims.
  • Sandworm Mk. II - A large worm-shaped Badnik that tunnels through desert sands. It is armed with a blaster on either side of its head. It appears in Issue 126's Tails story, Desert Fox.
  • Beetleblaster - Rounded beetle-like Badniks with a pink carapace. They have two exhaust pipes on the backs of their heads and have two arms with hands, and a third arm on their undersides fitted with a laser blaster. They appear in the Issue 127 Tails story, Fog Warning.
  • Froggosaur - Bipedal Badniks that look like a cross between frogs and some form of dinosaur. They have large heads that look too large for their bodies to support. They are armed with wrist-mounted blasters. They appear in the Issue 129 story Fights, Camera Action in the employ of film director Wilbur Z. Sprockethole the Third.
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