Art by Richard Elson

Flickies' Island is a deserted island far off in the sea, named due to the large presence of Flicky birds that dwell there. This island was the primary locale of Sonic 3D and first appeared in Sonic the Comic in the three-part story Flickies' Island.


Robotnik's New Base

When Doctor Robotnik was deposed, he and Grimer escaped from the Metropolis Zone and went into hiding on Flickies' Island. Here, Robotnik began making plans to re-conquer Mobius and take his revenge on Sonic the Hedgehog. After setting up a laboratory on the island, the mad scientist eventually discovered an inter-dimensional Mobius Ring, and found out that the Flickies originated from another world. After designing new and improved Badniks to unleash upon Mobius's citizens, Robotnik began experimenting on the Flickies and used them as organic batteries for his new Badnik horde.

While Robotnik and Grimer conducted research on the Flickies, one Flicky they had captured managed to escape and fly across the ocean to the Emerald Hill Zone, where it warned Tails (who for some reason could understand "tweet") of danger on Flickies' Island. Tails and Sonic arrived at the island where they were greeted by their old foe Doctor Robotnik, who explained to them what he had been up to and then ordered his new Badniks to attack the two Freedom Fighters. In the time it took for Sonic to destroy one Badnik, Robotnik got the drop on Tails and took him hostage. Before he could take them prisoner, however, the Mobius Ring activated and a Drakon Prosecutor emerged. The Prosecutor took Robotnik prisoner and dragged the scientist back through the Ring. Flickies' Island was temporarily left vacant, until Robotnik returned to Mobius after having forged an alliance with the Drakons.

For several months, Flickies' Island served as Robotnik's staging area. Here, wave after wave of Badniks would be deployed to carry out random attacks all across Mobius. The island was left vacant again, however, when Grimer was taken to prison and Robotnik went missing after the Robotnik Reigns Supreme arc.

After Robotnik

After Dr. Robotnik's apparent demise, Sonic led the Freedom Fighters on a mission to Flickies' Island to destroy Robotnik's base. What they were not aware of was that Agent X, otherwise known as Shayde (posing as Johnny Lightfoot) had taken control of the base and had recalled the entire Badnik horde to defend it. In the ensuing battle, the heroes were taken prisoner and Sonic was banished to the Shadow Dimension where Shayde had come from. Sonic soon made it back, along with the real Johnny Lightfoot. In anger, Shayde attempted to shoot Sonic but struck his dimensional transporter machine, which caused it to overload. Sonic and his friends escaped before the explosion destroyed Robotnik's lab.

From that point on Flickies' Island remained deserted, but many of Robotnik's defenses and booby traps remained functional, including several turrets and even a robotic gorilla. The conman Max Gamble once tried to sell luxury holiday packages to Flickies' Island to residents of the Casino Night Zone. His plan didn't work out as expected since all his customers survived the island and were rescued by Sonic, who forced Gamble to refund them.

In STC-O, during the Sonic Adventure 2 story arc, the Syndicate's flying fortress - the Death Carrier - was hidden beneath Flickies' Island. When it was raised in Issue 235, it destroyed a portion of the island.


In the video game Sonic 3D, the island is split into seven distinct Zones. No such names are given in the comic adaptation but there are two possible equivalents:

  • Green Grove Zone - all green areas of the island. Differences include the beach and the absence of a chequered floor.
  • Rusty Ruin Zone - Robotnik's ruined base, now filled with his technology.

The mountains that top the skyline seem to suggest the Diamond Dust and Volcano Valley Zones may exist, but no ice or lava areas have been visited. Other areas were considered by Ed Reynolds as possible locations for (the now deceased} Death-Trap to visit, but were rendered obsolete when Lew Stringer killed the villains off.


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