Flasher 23

Sonic and Tails are cornered by a swarm of Flashers

Flashers are second-generation Badniks. These rotund fireflies hover about slowly and surround themselves with electrical shields, shocking anyone who gets too close to them. These shields can only be maintained for a short time, leaving them vulnerable to a quick Spin Attack.


In Sonic the Comic, Flashers have been seen to move around in large groups. They were first seen when the Freedom Fighters visited the Mystic Cave Zone to rescue Amy Rose from Captain Plunder and the Sky Pirates. The Badniks, owned by Plunder, appeared in front of Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails when they chose the wrong tunnel. Unfortunately, the second tunnel proved just as dangerous and the heroes were shocked unconscious by the powerful foes. Sonic and Tails later returned to the Zone to find Stripes, a badger taken by Doctor Sun. Sonic learned his lesson this time, completely avoiding the Flashers. Unfortunately, this evasive action sent Sonic towards a spike trap, narrowly avoiding death thanks to a flying Tails. When rising out of the pit, the Flashers were gone.

Away from the Mystic Cave Zone, a Flasher was the Badnik Doctor Ivo Robotnik chose to seal an Emerald Hill folk mouse in. It was sent to the Emerald Hill Zone to capture more residents, but was destroyed by Shortfuse the Cybernik before it could even use its electrifying power.

They made a long-awaited return in Sonic the Comic Online as a part of a multi-Badnik offensive against the refugees of the Maple Flower Zone. Two of them confronted Holly Thumpfoot with their bulbs fully electrified. She was able to hop over the threats before Tails arrived. The fox used his tails to blind the Flashers before smashing them.

Flashers appeared in the Mystic Cave Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. In the game, they would stop moving when they light up their shields, but have shown that they can still move when lit up in Sonic the Comic.



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