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Filch is a Sky Pirate and the ghostly First Mate of Captain Plunder. He is incredibly loyal to his captain and even in death has stuck by him through thick and thin. Filch was killed by Plunder himself, but he acknowledges that this was his own fault for taking the last biscuit. The exact nature of Filch's ghostly aspect is unknown: Sometimes he is just a ghost and cannot touch anything, while sometimes he is a poltergeist and can manipulate his surroundings. Whatever kind of ghost he is, one thing is certain: he is indeed very knowledgeable, having studied books on Plunder's ship, and knowing of some of the Special Zone's more dangerous residents.

He has appeared in Sonic the Comic Online as one of the cold-blooded characters recruited by Tails to put an end to Bleed's crime spree. Filch continues to work under Plunder (and, later, Simpson the Cat) despite the Curse of Akotek. Unfortunately, shipmate Cream the Rabbit has taken to his silvery body and long hair, prompting to wonder whether he should find another ship to haunt.


  • Though never officially stated in the comic, Filch is of a reptilian species, most likely a salamander or iguana.