Art by Stephen Bliss

Fezhead is a time travelling television pirate from the Pirate S.T.C. series. He is supposedly able to travel through subspace, allowing to access any location as long as a TV receiver is operative. Despite being a "computer psychogenius" and master of molecular operative, Fezhead's "weakness" is his backflip wrap around hair mat he wears under a fez to hide a bald patch.


With the aim of creating an army of commandos, Fezhead and colleague Skull decided to scour the television networks for the laziest couch potatoes they could find. Eventually choosing Sackhead, Flame, Grrrr, Bob and Dog the Chicken, Fezhead was initially exasperated by his new charges' idiocy. The pirate began by exerting his newfound authority over them before throwing them straight into the Mouth of the Mission.

For the rest of the adventure, Fezhead opted to control the events within two video games, impressing Skull by using both hands to play with both controllers. Unfortunately, he quickly began to struggle on Granee 8 Ball's level and angrily quit when Grrrr and Bob were caught by Kamikaze Whippysnappers. Instead, Fezhead let them fend for themselves, opting to watch Mexican Avocado Bandit Punters (his favourite). However, Skull soon alerted him to the fact that things were getting out of hand, prompting Fezhead to summon the Y Not Y-Fronts Man for a new challenge. After a brief brawl between all of the characters in the game, Fezhead swept into the game on a cloud, armed with love spray. The pirate sprayed the arena with the formula (whilst wearing a gas mask to avoid the effects) and rescued the "commandos", taking them to the next level.


  • Fezhead's appearance is based on the "demon barber" from Sega's "Pirate TV" advertisements.


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